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The figure made by two lines that meet. 2. The difference in direction of such intersecting lines, or the space within them. 3. A projecting or sharp corner. 4. A secluded area resembling a corner; a nook. 5. A hot-rolled structural steel section having an L-shape, designated by the prefix L followed by the length of each leg and their thickness. Also called angle iron. 6. The space between two lines diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from a common line: the figure so formed. 7. The amount of rotation needed to bring one line or plane into coincidence with another, measured in radians or in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

angle iron
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Isaac D. Kremer, MSARP, is a nationally recognized expert in the revitalization of commercial districts. Professionally he is the Executive Director of Experience Princeton, a business improvement district in Princeton, New Jersey. Kremer is a sought after speaker having been invited to speak at over 30 conferences. The prior two downtowns he managed were named Great American Main Street Award (GAMSA) Semifinalists, and Metuchen, New Jersey where he and his family live was named a GAMSA winner in 2023 by Main Street America.

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