Field Notes: Parklet

Isaac Kremer/ April 10, 2023/ Economic, Field Notes, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

A parklet is not only a physical intervention but also an economic one. To transform a parking spot on average of 250 to 400 square feet into a place for people allows getting a greater return on investment. Various studies have shown that spending by parklet users can boost revenue at neighboring businesses by 2x or 3x. This spending is

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How We Neglected Public Space in the US, and How to Make it Better

Isaac Kremer/ March 4, 2022/ Civic, Physical, placemaking, tactical urbanism, Writing/ 0 comments

Blame Vitruvius. In his treatise De Architectura around 27 BCE, the three elements critical to architecture were utilitas (function), firmitas (stability), and venustas (beauty). While so easy to articulate, in practice this harmony in buildings and places was and is so hard to achieve. Fast forward to Colonial America. Many prototypes for buildings and plans for cities hearkened back to

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The BOB – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Isaac Kremer/ August 28, 2019/ downtown, Economic, Physical, placemaking, plaza, Social, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

The BOB – which stands for “Big Old Building” – is a go to social and entertainment venue in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have creatively repurposed the space with dining, indoor and outdoor entertainment, and the new 20 Monroe Live space for up to 2580 people. The outdoor beer garden is more open than others we’ve seen and feels

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Something Wicked Brewing Company – Hanover, Pennsylvania

Isaac Kremer/ April 27, 2019/ beer, placemaking, storefront, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

The tasting room itself was handsomely appointed. People tended to gravitate more towards the bar and the high-top tables near it. Starting outside the entrance and moving inside, it was apparent in the time that it has been open the brewery has become very tightly knit with the York, PA community. The Charity benefit card especially told the story of

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Lean Livability: Making Lovable Places for $500 or Less

Isaac Kremer/ November 5, 2018/ placemaking, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

“Lean Livability: Making Lovable Places for $500 or Less,” 6th Annual AARP Livable Communities National Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina Breakout Session – Tuesday, November 13, 2:15-3:15 pm Mobile Workshop – Tuesday, November 13, 3:30pm – 5pm? Making big changes does not always require millions of dollars and take years of time. We’ll demonstrate over 50 ways, all under $500, how

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