Double-Diamond Design

Isaac Kremer/ March 4, 2024/ Civic, Field Notes, Physical, Writing/ 0 comments

There are two phases of design work: to define a problem and develop a solution. Each phase has a diverge and converge element. Defining problems begins by understanding of space and the awareness that all problems can’t be solved. Then it converges on how to best serve customers in a distinctive way. For solution development we also can’t build all

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Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and the New Economic Development Audience

Isaac Kremer/ March 1, 2024/ downtown, Economic, Field Notes, Writing/ 0 comments

Today the results from the Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Rural Communities Pilot Program were released. Main Street America has positioned itself well at the center of these important discussions, continuing many years of excellent work with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Several important findings were shared. These were results of nine workshops held in nine different states in 2023. Workshops

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Field Notes: Utility Box Covers

Isaac Kremer/ June 26, 2023/ Field Notes, Physical, placemaking, Social/ 0 comments

Utility boxes are among those necessary features of modern life that add little to the built environment – in most cases. Some have been painted, others have been wrapped. They can convert a message artistically or philosophically. In Seattle the boxes were used for neighborhood branding and wayfinding. Recently when I was visiting New Brunswick, New Jersey, I found a

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Field Notes: Ongoing Program

Isaac Kremer/ June 23, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes, placemaking/ 0 comments

Over the last few years I observed how the next town over from where I live has been trying to jumpstart revitalization efforts. The town is Edison and the neighborhood is called Clara Barton. There are a few multi-story buildings but most are single story and spaced out typical of a suburban neighborhood commerical district. In years past planters were

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Field Notes: Pop-up Bocce Court

Isaac Kremer/ June 21, 2023/ Field Notes, Physical, placemaking, public art, Social, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

Never underestimate what some green astroturf and timbers can do to activate an empty or underutilized public space. We loved stumbling across this pop-up bocce court in Millburn, New Jersey. Something else they got right was clustering movable furniture, planters, and public art elements. Altogether it made a nice unexpected outdoor gathering space. Only thing lacking is to get the

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Field Notes: Return on Marketing Investment for Downtown Orgs

Isaac Kremer/ June 18, 2023/ Field Notes, Social/ 0 comments

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) involves sharing data which your organization needs to feel successful and excited to do more. Measurement and analysis is a core competency that Main Street programs should have. Of the many tactics that can be used (Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Content Creation, Social Media, etc.) there are some basic questions: How much did traffic

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Field Notes: Local Food

Isaac Kremer/ May 17, 2023/ Economic, Field Notes/ 0 comments

One of the direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were questions about food systems and where our food comes from. Production delays and creeping inflation in recent years have been cause for major concern. Collectively these crises revealed the disconnected nature between where food is raised and consumed. The farmers market movement has long focused on local food. Some require

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