Field Notes: Utility Box Covers

Isaac Kremer/ June 26, 2023/ Field Notes, Physical, placemaking, Social/ 0 comments

Utility boxes are among those necessary features of modern life that add little to the built environment – in most cases. Some have been painted, others have been wrapped. They can convert a message artistically or philosophically. In Seattle the boxes were used for neighborhood branding and wayfinding. Recently when I was visiting New Brunswick, New Jersey, I found a

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Field Notes: Pop-up Bocce Court

Isaac Kremer/ June 21, 2023/ Field Notes, Physical, placemaking, public art, Social, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

Never underestimate what some green astroturf and timbers can do to activate an empty or underutilized public space. We loved stumbling across this pop-up bocce court in Millburn, New Jersey. Something else they got right was clustering movable furniture, planters, and public art elements. Altogether it made a nice unexpected outdoor gathering space. Only thing lacking is to get the

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Field Notes: Return on Marketing Investment for Downtown Orgs

Isaac Kremer/ June 18, 2023/ Field Notes, Social/ 0 comments

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) involves sharing data which your organization needs to feel successful and excited to do more. Measurement and analysis is a core competency that Main Street programs should have. Of the many tactics that can be used (Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Content Creation, Social Media, etc.) there are some basic questions: How much did traffic

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Field Notes: Local First

Isaac Kremer/ April 22, 2023/ Field Notes, Social/ 0 comments

Local First leads the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages joyful community life. Independently organized Local First programs define local as follows: Locally owned Privately held Headquartered in the community When making the case for why to

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Field Notes: Retail Promotions

Isaac Kremer/ April 11, 2023/ Field Notes, Social/ 0 comments

Retail promotions are designed to make cash registers ring for businesses. This is different from special events that draw people to an area but does not typically lead to direct spending at local businesses. Small Business Saturday is perhaps the best known example of a retail promotion, encouraging people to shop at small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year.

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Field Notes: Trail Connectivity

Isaac Kremer/ April 8, 2023/ Field Notes, Social/ 0 comments

Trail connectivity provides a promotional funnel to attract customers and dollars to an area. Some routes are local in nature. Often loops are best, such as the Atlanta Belt Line, Dragons Tooth (Blacksburg, VA), and the Billy Goat Trail (Great Falls, MD). People can get on or off at any point and return to their point of origin by completing

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