Field Notes: Pavement to Plaza

Isaac Kremer/ April 10, 2023/ Field Notes, Physical, plaza/ 0 comments

Pavement to plaza is a global movement to reclaim parking lots and repurpose them for use by people. William “Holly” Whyte famously said people are most likely to sit where there are places to sit. Food is among the best tools to attract people. Put these together then you have a formula for active, loved, and well used places. Related

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Downtown – Knoxville, Tennessee

Isaac Kremer/ August 31, 2019/ downtown, placemaking, plaza, public art/ 0 comments

History photos enliven an otherwise blank wall. The Bijou is one of several theaters providing for the entertainment needs of the city and region. Water feature through the downtown steps from where the Farmers Market is held each week. Some of the public art commissioned, including a descriptive plaque with price tag. Water feature in Market Square, steps from shops,

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The BOB – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Isaac Kremer/ August 28, 2019/ downtown, Economic, Physical, placemaking, plaza, Social, tactical urbanism/ 0 comments

The BOB – which stands for “Big Old Building” – is a go to social and entertainment venue in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have creatively repurposed the space with dining, indoor and outdoor entertainment, and the new 20 Monroe Live space for up to 2580 people. The outdoor beer garden is more open than others we’ve seen and feels

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Pershing Square Plaza – New York City, New York

Isaac Kremer/ February 17, 2019/ placemaking, plaza/ 0 comments

Grand Central Terminal sits on a well deserved perch among the architectural and civic treasures of New York City. Across the street, however, is a piece of infrastructure – really, a single block, that has been confoundingly difficult to redevelop. As recently as a year ago this notice greeted people looking forward to seeing Pershing Square Plaza. Additional Resources… BUILDING

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Greeley Square – New York City, New York

Isaac Kremer/ January 20, 2019/ placemaking, plaza/ 0 comments

Celebrated editor and political leader Horace Greeley (1811-1872) launched the New York Tribune in 1841. From its pages, he had an enormous influence on American popular opinion. Greeley’s famous advice, “Go West, young man, go West,” inspired generations of Americans to seek their fortunes on the new frontier. He advocated protectionism, abolition of slavery, labors rights, and political reform. Greeley

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