Federal style

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The first “American” style of architecture. Named after the Federalist period of American government. Stylistically it was a refinement of the earlier Georgian style. Strongly influenced by the British architect Robert Adam (1728-92) and his three brothers. Predominant in England in the late 18th century, and strongly influential in the U.S., Russia, and elsewhere. Characterized by clarity of form, use of color, subtle detailing, delicate Neoclassical ornament, and unified schemes of interior design. Basically Neoclassical, it also adapted Neo-Gothic, Egyptian, and Etruscan motifs. Also called the Adam style, Adamesque, Adamesque Federalist, Federal, or Federalist. Leland Roth in his book A Concise History of Architecture (1980) identified Synthetic Eclecticism between 1790 and ca. 1825, with Adamesque Federalist (1787-ca. 1820), and Federalist (1790 – ca. 1820) as two sub-categories. Photo of the Parsons Taylor House, Easton, Pennsylvania, 2023. (Kremer, 2023)

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