center-steeple church

Isaac Kremer/ May 25, 2018/ / 0 comments

‘The steeple dominates the façade of the center steeple church. The entire organization builds toward the steeple, including the gable roof, which helps pull the facade skyward. Designs with higher porches may align the windows and doors to broaden the elevation. Fenestration is symmetrical. Ornamentation is light; most walls and tower portions are framed by cornerboards and fascia. In steeple design the tower is about half the height of the entire structure, which leaves the lantern and spire in equal proportions to the tower. The tower may be built into the wall or stand separate from it. When the tower projects from the facade, it often serves as a vestibule. Despite its vertical accent, this type of church is earthbound, directly accessible, and orderly.

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