Field Notes: Ongoing Program

Isaac Kremer/ June 23, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes, placemaking/ 0 comments

Over the last few years I observed how the next town over from where I live has been trying to jumpstart revitalization efforts. The town is Edison and the neighborhood is called Clara Barton. There are a few multi-story buildings but most are single story and spaced out typical of a suburban neighborhood commerical district. In years past planters were

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Field Notes: Brand Development

Isaac Kremer/ April 22, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes/ 0 comments

Many think of a nonprofit brand about being about a logo and tagline. It’s so much deeper than that capturing perceptions of what a nonprofit stands for, what it does, and how much social impact it is thought to achieve. Peter Frumkin at the Masters in Nonprofit Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice

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Field Notes: Conversation Landscape

Isaac Kremer/ April 13, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes/ 0 comments

We first became acquainted with the concept of a conversation landscape from the work by the urban designer Jan Gehl. The following quote from the book Life Between Buildings captured the concept well. “Chairs placed close together around a table, such as in sidewalk cafes, help conversations start. Good conversation landscapes can be found in traditional European train compartments. In

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Field Notes: Open Space Technology

Isaac Kremer/ April 10, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes/ 0 comments

Open Space Technology is something I first became acquainted with in 2017. Since that time it has become an organizing principle for every meeting I moderate. The rules are simple: When it starts is the right time. Who shows up are the right people. When its over, its over. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. They are

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Field Notes: Triadic Closure

Isaac Kremer/ April 8, 2023/ Civic, Field Notes/ 0 comments

Triadic closure is an important skill for building strong and resilient networks. As an example, I know Hannah and Ed but they might not know each other. Introducing Hannah and Ed opens the possibility for connection and sharing between their networks. This skill is most powerful in person but introductions may also be done by email. Strong network builders apply

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Field Notes: Call to Action Video

Isaac Kremer/ June 2, 2013/ Civic/ 0 comments

We in preservation too often fail at getting our message before a national audience of potential supporters. You have to imagine our sense of satisfaction seeing this excellent video courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation. Breaking it down a bit – here is what worked well in this video. 1. “We cherish their beauty, we marvel at their majesty, we

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Field Notes: End of Year Appeal

Isaac Kremer/ December 27, 2012/ Civic/ 0 comments

There is so much to admire when it comes to the work of the Los Angeles Conservancy. Among preservation organizations they are rare in the sense that they keep and maintain an active public list of ongoing preservation issues in the L.A. area. This list is posted to their website where anyone is able to see it. Keeping this list

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Field Notes: Annual Fundraiser

Isaac Kremer/ October 1, 2007/ Civic, preservation/ 0 comments

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network will be having their Fall Benefit at the Oddfellows Hall in Southwest Detroit. Latino music and food will be featured, in this beautifully restored historic building. To RSVP, you may visit or call 517-371-8080.