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Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1928

Federation Notes

The federated clubs of Albion have always received a good deal of recognition in the Michigan State Federation of Women’s Clubs, and Calhoun County is considered one of the best organized federation counties in the M.S.F.W.C. From Albion has come a good deal of Federation timber. Mrs. G.E. Arnold served one year as second vice-president of the State Federation; Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. H.C. Blair have each served two years as district presidents; Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Claude Shattuck have each served two years as corresponding secretary of the State Federation; Mrs. Blair was also a state chairman, four years; Mrs. Shattuck, state chairman, Conservation, four years; Mrs. Arnold, state chairman, American Home, four years; Mrs. W.A. Krenerick, state chairman, Library Extension, four years; Mrs. Vivian Serio, district chairman, American Citizenship, two years; Mrs. Brockway Dickie, state chairman, Library Extension, has served one year of her term. The Year Book of the M.S.F.W.C. has been printed in Albion twice.Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs
By Miriam E. Krenerick

Mrs. L.K. Patterson, founder of the Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs, is often referred to as the “Mother of the City Federation.” She died April 8, 1932, at her home, 417 East Porter Street, a little over seventeen years after the birth of this organization, April 5, 1915, in which to the time of her death she took a keen interest.

She was born in Litchfield, Mich., Nov. 3, 1854, and came to live in Albion 28 years ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W.E. Gardner, of Somerset, Ohio, and one son, Ian D. Patterson, of Wolverhampton, England. Resolutions on her death were reverently read and accepted at the annual meeting of the Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs, April 17, 1932.

Mrs. Patterson was very much interested in the completion of this book, and the picture accompanying this article was taken by H.A. Ludwig especially for it. She was a great admirer of Jesse Crowell and took pleasure in preparing her contribution for this volume which was taken from an article previously written on “Pioneer Life.” Mrs. Patterson had the same belief as Seneca, that “Life is to be measured by action, not time.”

The office of historian was created in the A.F.W.C. in 1926, and Mrs. W.A. Krenerick, who was appointed historian, has prepared a complete history in detail of the City Federation since its organization to the present time, (1915-1932). This will soon be ready for distribution, in printed form, for the club women and their friends. It was formally dedicated to Mrs. Eva Blair Patterson, April 17, 1930, two years before her death, and she had the satisfaction of knowing that her work for the City Federation was recognized and appreciated.

An invitation was extended by the Entre Nous Club to the Ladies’ Literary, the E.L.T., and the Twentieth century Clubs, to attend an informal meeting, held at the club house, April 5, 1915. This meeting was called through the initial efforts of the president of the Entre Nous Club, Mrs. L.K. Patterson, a woman with the vision to see that much more could be accomplished by the united efforts of federated clubs. The subject had been discussed with other club leaders and members who were also of the same mind. The presidents of the three clubs invited to this meeting were: Mrs. Alice Howard, L.L.C; Mrs. W.J. McKone, E.L.T.; and Mrs. Lewis Frye, Twentieth Century.

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Patterson, who explained the object of the meeting, and introduced Mrs. R.H. Ashbaugh, president of the Michigan State Federation of Women’s Clubs. She gave a short talk on the work which might be accomplished by the united efforts of club workers.

On this date the four clubs organized the Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs and became its charter members. The first officers elected were: Mrs. Fred King, president; Mrs. L.K. Patterson, first vice-president; Mrs. E.R. Loud, second vice-president; Mrs. H.C. Blair, secretary; Mrs. L.T. White, treasurer.

The Constitution and By-Laws previously prepared by a committee consisting of Mrs. A.D. Bangham, Mrs. F.T. Carlton, and Mrs. H.C. Blair, was read and adopted at this time. This Constitution was revised from time to time and used for 14 years.

The Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs was incorporated January 12, 1928, under the provisions of Act 84 of the Public Acts of 1921, of the State of Michigan. The committee appointed to make these plans was composed of Mrs. Vician Serio, Mrs. H.C. Blair, and Mrs. Claude Shattuck. The Articles of Association automatically took the place of the old Constitution, but nothing was done to remodel the old set of laws until a year later.

May 24, 1929, Mrs. G.P. Brown appointed the following revision committee: Mrs. G.E. Arnold, Mrs. Claude Clearwater, Mrs. A.E. Thunold, and Mrs. W.A. Krenerick. The Articles of Association and By-Laws were formally adopted at a quarterly meeting of the City Federation, Nov. 21, 1929, after having been read and recommended for adoption at a board meeting, Nov. 15.

The purpose of organization of the Albion Federation is stated as follows: “To bring the women into closer relations through organized union, the object of which shall be to serve as a medium of communication, and as a means of prosecuting any work of common interest for the intellectual, social, moral, or civic welfare of its members, or of the community, and also as a means of co-operating in the work of the General and State Federation of Women’s Clubs.”

Three regular meetings of the Federation are held each year at the club house; the annual meeting is held the third Thursday in April, the two quarterly meetings are held the third Thursdays in November and January. The regular meetings of the board of directors are held the fourth Friday of each month in the City Library.

The Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs is composed of six clubs, the four charter clubs previously mentioned, the Albion Woman’s Club, and the South Albion Woman’s Club. The Albion Teachers’ Club is affiliated with the City Federation. The S.A.W.C. is the oldest club in the Albion Federation, and the second oldest in the city.

The Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs joined the Michigan State Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1917, and is a charter member of the Calhoun County Federation of Women’s Clubs, which was organized in Albion at the club house, May 17, 1922.

The annual federation dues are $1.00 per capita for regular club membership, $2.00 for individual associate members, and $10 per year for individual members or affiliated clubs for each active voting member.,

The City Federation has the following standing committees: American Home, Education, Finance, Hospital, Legislation, Library, Public Health, Public Welfare, Rural Co-Operation, and Social Service. The City Federation takes an active interest in all civic enterprises and assists whenever possible in worthwhile projects.

Some of the community activities in which the A.F.W.C. has been active are the following: helped perfect the present filtration water system; assisted the Red Cross during the World War; aided in securing the Carnegie Library; helped secure the public comfort station; given furniture, books and magazine subscriptions to the City Library; helped sponsor the Detroit Symphony Orchestra concerts and Edith Rhetts pre-symphonic lectures; contributed $100 toward the Nurses’ Homes; secured two benefit library films, of $100 each for the hospital library service, through the co-operation of George Bohm, manager of the Bohm Theatre.

It helped secure the county nurse, and the country probation officer; contributed to the Interlochen Music Fund; furnished milk for under-nourished school children; established loan scholarships for worthy college students; organized the Three Quarters-Century Club; participated in the George Washington Bicentennial in the six-months’ program as outlined by the United States government, by planting trees, and presenting special club and community programs.

With the aid of a “Good Fellowship Fund”, received from the citizens of Albion, valuable social service work is done for Albion’s needy families. In the fall, 1925, the City Federation took over the work of the Visiting Nurses’ association and maintains the work of the visiting nurse with the financial aid of business organizations and donations. It calls attention to important legislation in the city, state and nation, and urges every voter to go to the polls.

The past presidents of the organization are: Mrs. Fed King, (1915-1916) (deceased); Mrs. F.M. Northwood, (1916-1918); Mrs. Lua Miller, (1918-1920); Mrs. H.C. Blair, (1920-1922); Mrs. R.R. Fox, (1922-1924); Mrs. W.A. Krenerick, (1924-1926); Mrs. Vivian Serio, (1926-1928); Mrs. Claude J. Shattuck, (April 1928 to December 1928); Mrs. G.P. Brown, (Dec., 1928-1930); Miss Jennie A. Worthington, (1930-1932); Mrs. Gilbert McCune is the present incumbent.

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 107-109History of Women’s Clubs in Albion and Vicinity
By Mary Garfield Raymond

Within the memory of many who will read this, no women’s clubs existed in Albion or vicinity. In fact, no clubs of any sort for purely social or scholarly purposes. In the 1870’s, the Grange flourished, an organization of farmers, and, of course, there were the usual fraternal orders such as the Masons, but it was not until 1884 that five young women formed the first woman’s club in this city.

By chance they were only daughters, a greater distinction then than now for families were larger in those days. They had been schoolmates and friends since girlhood and felt that their pleasant companionship might be prolonged and a reason for keeping up their friendship be furthered by some sort of organization with a purpose, so it was decided that they meet regularly for reading good literature. Thus was created the “Only Daughters” which later, in 1890, became the Review club of today, its membership limited to 20.

The “Only Daughters” had but five members on its charter roll: Mrs. E.L. Parmeter, Mrs. H.W. Mosher, Mrs. Albert Davis, Mrs. Lulu Mudge and Mrs. G.H. Kilian. Of those only the first three are living, and the first two are still residents of Albion. Mrs. Mudge was the first president of the club and succeeding presidents were as follows: Mrs. Washington Gardner, Mrs. Herman Stoepel, Mrs. F.F. Hoaglin, Mrs. George Bortles, Mrs. Carrie H. Bolster, Mrs. Harry B. Parker, Mrs. Robert Frost, Sr., Miss Kate Calkins, Mrs. W.S. Kennedy, Mrs. Charles Barr, Mrs. John G. Brown, Mrs. Frank L. Irwin, Mrs. Matthew Steel, Mrs. E.R. Loud, Mrs. C.S. Sackett, Mrs. Ray McDonald (now Mrs. A.R. Johns of Muskegon), Mrs. O.A. Leonard, Mrs. Frank Nowlin, Mrs. O.H. Gale, Mrs.B.D. Brown, Mrs. Carrie Howlett, Mrs. Fred S. Austin, Mrs. L.C. Van Gorden, Mrs. C.S. Loud, Mrs. L.N. McNair, Mrs. A.T. Hafford, Mrs.Howell Van Gorden. Of these 14 are now residents of Albion. Officers (1931-1932) are: Mrs. David L. Boyd, president; Miss Mary Chambers, vice president; Mrs. Charles Loud, treasurer; Mrs. C.T. Hatch, secretary.

The organizations of other clubs followed rapidly as will be noted in the brief records of these clubs which follow until now Albion enjoys the social contacts and the educational inspiration which such movements afford, in a large degree.

The first club to be organized among the rural women was the Eckford Union Literary society which had its beginning at the home of Mrs. Henry Bradley, a daughter of Albion pioneer, William Warner and granddaughter of Wareham Warner.

Mrs. Bradley was a person who loved the finer and better things of life. Possessed of innate culture herself, she longed to share the joy of its gift with others. On June 5, 1855, therefore, Mrs. Bradley invited to her home, five miles west of Albion, a group of women of the neighborhood to consider the feasibility of organizing a society of the men, women and children of the vicinity “for social, moral and intellectual purposes.” Those present represented six adjoining school districts and to them the hostess told her aims of forming a working organization which would include whole families where social intercourse might be enjoyed the while the mind might be improved and sentiment created against the use of alcohol and tobacco. This was in the time when the members of the W.C.T.U. were working to establish in the public schools a course of study of the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body.

A goodly number was present and, though the women hesitated to take such a forward step, they finally chose Miss Flora Hamilton, chairman, and Miss Georgia Pattison, secretary pro tem. A committee was appointed, consisting of Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. George Baker and Mrs. H.M. Albertson to draft a constitution. Later Mrs. Bradley was elected a permanent president. At each of the monthly meeting held at different homes those who began as children, speaking their little “pieces,” lived to see their children do likewise. So the E.U.L.S. had a long and profitable life, but finally disbanded as its members moved to other sections or became too aged to be interested in its work.

Perhaps Mrs. Bradley was given an incentive in the little reading circle which existed among some young women of the vicinity immediately west of Albion on the Erie street road in the early 1870’s. No special programs were carried out, however, in this group, and its life was not long. One hears the names, Robertson, McCormick and Delbridge in connection with this circle.

The following list of organizations are strictly women’s clubs, with one exception, the South Albion Farmers’ club, (a mixed group of men, women, and their families), and all are active social groups with regular meetings and programs. The strollers, H.H.H., Jolly Double Eight, H.G.L., Rainbow, U. and I., F.J.A.C., and Jolly clubs are no longer functioning.

The E.L.T., South Albion Woman’s, Albion Woman’s, Twentieth Century, Ladies Literary and Entre Nous clubs with histories of each are given under the Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 103-104Women’s Clubs
Arranged according to date of organization

Maybe Literary Society
Organized, July 24, 1886

Mesdames Lewis Lockwood
James Cunningham
Everett Rouse
W.R. King
Joseph King
Ann A. Banks
Nathan Beedon
Nancy Brockway
Richard Snyder
Leslie King
George Nichols
John King
Arthur Anderson
Walter Hayes
George Brockway
John Barkley
E.S. Carr
Harold Yest
John McAllister
Glenn Haven
Henry Cunningham
Fred Eggleston
George Ansterberg
Norman Arey


Friends in Council
Organized, November 15, 1897

Mesdames M.C. Garfield
Hattie Godfrey
Anna Delbridge
Lydia Loder
Sabra Sutton
Anna Yest
Cora Harton
Mary Henry
Hettie Bascom
Elizabeth Dickey
Ellen Wartman
Rozella Reed
Ilone Osborn
Frank Noll


Martha Washington Society
Organized, March 29, 1899

Mesdames Lucinda Page
Ada Gilbert
Augusta Robinson
Lettie Carver
Jessie Blanchard
Fannie Burnett
Marian Peachey
Nina Simonds
Harriett Keck
Clara McCarty
Pearl Carpenter
Orpha Bowen
Ella Ford
Alice Wiselogel
Libbie Sanford
Mattie McDonald
Addie Baldwin
Rena Wright
Marian Oakes


Sheridan Ladies’ Aid Society
Organized, May 13, 1908

Mrs. Nelson Finley
Mrs. Ora Shipman
Mrs. Reuben Davis
Mrs. Thomas Titman
Mrs. Elijah Marshall
Mrs. Adrian Cooper


Monday Club
Organized, February 22, 1909

Mrs. Charles Knickerbocker
Miss Mary Norris
Mesdames Ida Robinson
Dean Young
Charles Burnett
E.L. Moore
Elmer Jacobs
Frank Sebastian
John Smith
John Finley
O.J. Cessna
Garfield Farley
G.W. Russell
Frank Cranson
P.P. Nagle


Lend-A-Hand Society
Organized, November 1909

Mesdames S.T. Doolittle
Lena Finch
Lena Abbott
Carrie White
Carl Horton
George Cuatt
Mae Wright
L.T. Pierce
Roy Pennell
Mark Clawson
Paul Kreger
Walter Ray
L.J. Noakes
Leo Beilfuss
Ray Bornor
August Boehlke
Herbert Wright
Clay Rodgers
William Collins
James Cuatt
Bert E. Wright


K.S. Club
Organized, November 24, 1909

Mrs. Diane Warner
Mrs. Margaret Roberts
Mrs. Lottie Hubbard
Mrs. Bertha Watson
Mrs. Charles Kusch
Mrs. Bertha Herrick
Mrs. Hazel Linn
Mrs. Ella Hobus
Mrs. Nellie Brownell
Mrs. George Kilmer
Mrs. Goerge Shideman
Mrs. Hugh Eddy


Faculty Women’s League
Organized, September 17, 1910

Mesdames Samuel Dickie, Demorest, Carleton, Cozine, Kuhnes, Phil Hembdt, Otis Leonard, F.S. Goodrich, A.J. McCulloch, C.E. Rood, A.H. Harrop, R.R. Daugherty, Miss Rose Ball, Miss Marian Gray, Mrs. N.J. Weiss


South Albion Farmer’s Club (Mixed Group)
Organized, June 2, 1913

Arza Bascom
A.J. Howell
Reed Carty
Minard Farley
Olin Champion
George Brockway
Eugene Bradley
Clark Barrell


Organized, August, 1913

Mrs. Diana Warner
Mrs. Etta Porr
Mrs. Mary Hoyt
Mrs. Sarah Morrow


Friendship Club
Organized, November 16, 1916

Mesdames Norman Crum, Kate Pritchard
W.W. Wallace
G.W. McCune
J.L. Boyd
C.P. Linn
Milan Cowell
A.L. Schumacher
I.R. Parker
Jasper Turner
George Adams
W.W. Hutton


Young Matron’s Club
Organized, September 1918

Mesdames Myrtle Montgomery
Mary Manor
Ella Hobus
Norma Stem
Fern Fisher
Henrietta Slocum
Leila Olsson
Florence Wilkinson
Ethel Haggerty
Loretta Knodt
Alice Bennett
Beulah Coomer


Jackson Road Club
Organized, January 25, 1921

Mesdames F.E. Hubert
H.O. Ellerby
M.O. Lewis
A.L. Russler
Charles Rostiser
Charles Maywood


Sunshine Club
Organized, March 16, 1922

Mesdames Otto Kaiser
Herman Scheuman
Oliver Jewell
August Boehlke


American Association of University Women (Albion Branch)
Organized 1923

Miss Cynthia Starr
Miss Florence Swisher
Miss Audrey Wilder
Mrs. T.M. Carter
Mrs. Inez Tyler


Babcock Mother’s Club
Organized, October 1, 1925

Mrs. Nellie Hudachek
Mrs. Lena Weitzel
Mrs. Bertha Robbins


Art Needlecraft Club
Organized, February 7, 1928

Mrs. Elizabeth Carris
Mrs. George Stoddard


Ironclad Friendship Club
Organized, March 13, 1929

Mrs. Frank Dunn
Mrs. G.H. Haynes