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Albion Chronology, 1830-1859

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1830.10.16: Land speculator Ephraim Harrison buys land. K7

1831: Land grant made to Darius Pierce. K7

1832: Tenney Peabody purchases Pierces holdings. K7

1833: Tenney Peabody and family settle at “The Forks.” K7
1833: DeVoe family second to settle at “The Forks.” K7
1833: Gilruth, Packard, and Thompson speak about establishing a Methodist seminary in Michigan.
1833.08: Resolution by Ohio Annual Conference calling for a Methodist seminary in Michigan.

1834: Other settlers arrive in the following year. K7
1834: Finches, Wareham Warner, Peter Holmes, the Gales, James Sheldon, Henry Luce, Cyrus Robertson, John and James Vanderburg, Hiram and Ashbell Howell, Marvin Hannahs, James Lake, Charles Hancock, Alvin C. Waldo, E. M. Rogers, Percy Victs, the Eslows, James Monroe, William H. Brockway arrive.

1835: Jesse Crowell, Patterson family, Blodgett family arrive.
1835: Jesse Crowell arrives from New York. K7
1835.03.20: Territorial council passes resolution for establishment of Spring Arbor Seminary.
1835.03.23: Charter Day: Gov. Stevens T. Mason signs resolution into law establishing Spring Arbor Seminary.

1836: Eslow family, Warner family, Belcher family, Harroun family arrive.
1836: Albion Company founded, plots the village. K8
1836.05.14: Plat registered, 786 lots, “Plat of the Village of Albion in Calhoun County Michigan.”
1836: First community school opened in Jacob DeVoe’s stable. P1

1836.05.14: Plat of the Village of Albion in Calhoun County Michigan, 786 lots
Signed: D.S. Bacon, Tenny Peabody, Isochar Frost, Jesse Crowell
Witness: Daniel Brindle, H.J. Phelp

1837: Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches founded.
1837.03.30: Plat registered, 129 lots, Warner and Church Addition.
1837.04.01: Albion township organized, work begins to build school.
1837: Little Red Schoolhouse constructed. P1

1837.03.30: Warner and Church Addition, 129 lots
Signed; Warham Warner, Chandler M. Church

1838.Fall: Schoolhouse open, Mr. Morgan first teacher. P1
1838: Mr. Benham follows Mr. Morgan as second teacher. P1
1838: Albion’s first post office opens, Jesse Crowell postmaster.

1839.Fall: William V. Morrison fourth teacher. P1
1839.04.12: Amendment to charter, establishing Wesleyan Seminary in Albion, Michigan.

Wesleyan Seminary (1839-1857)

1840.04.22: Original land grant of 65 acres given to Wesleyan Seminary.

1841.07.06: Cornerstone of the Central Building laid.

1842: East Division school district formed.
1842: Alexander Moore opens foundry.
1842.Spring: Bell House built, demolished 1892.
1842.10.27: Rev. G.P. Tindall welcomes first students to the Wesleyan Seminary.

1843.03.14: Wesleyan Seminary addition registered as legal extension of the village of Albion.
1843: Rev. Charles Stockwell, first principal of the Albion Wesleyan Seminary (1843-1845).
1843: By-Laws of Wesleyan Seminary established.
1843.11: Classes start.

1844.01: Central Building opens for classes.
1844.03: First Exhibition day.
1844.07.18: Rev. Charles Stockwell marries Louisa Peabody, daughter of Tenney Peabody, Albion’s first white settler.

1845: Jesse Crowell builds “Stone Mill
1845.07.04: Michigan Central Railroad begins service to Albion. P48
1845: Rev. Elijah W. Merrill, M.A. succeeds Stockwell as acting principal.

1846: James Monroe opens the Albion Iron Works. P6
1846: Rev. Clark Titus Hinman, second principal of the Albion Wesleyan Seminary (1846-1853).
1846.10.08: Rev. Judson D. Collins arrives to teach botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, and geology. Later becomes missionary to China.

1849: North Division school constructed. P5

Female Collegiate Institute (1850-1857)

1850.02.18: Michigan Legislature approves creation of the Female Collegiate Institute.

1852: 400-402 S. Superior Street, Peabody Block (1852). Commercial Italianate.
1852.Fall: North Hall dedicated

1853: Ira Mayhew, third principal of the Albion Wesleyan Seminary (1853-1854).

1854: Peabody Mill built on east side of Kalamazoo River.
1854.01: North Hall fire. Defective chimney. Burnt downwards leaving only outside brick walls.
1854: Thomas H. Sinex, first President of Albion College [after named Albion College in 1861].

1856: Albion incorporated as a village.
1856: Albion Old Alert fire company organized.
1856: South Hall construction announced. Built 1856-1858. Exterior completed 1858. Interior completed 1872.
1856: 304 S. Superior Street, Banking Block (1856). Commercial Italianate.

Albion Female College (1857-1861)

1857: Howard Hall built, 204-206 S. Superior Street, Commercial Italianate.
1857: Albion Female Collegiate Institute become Albion Female College.
1857.08.26: First Presbyterian church at Erie and Clinton dedicated.
1857: 112 S. Superior Street, Cascarelli Block (c.1857). Commercial Italianate.

1858: Crowell Block constructed.
1858: 303-307 S. Superior, Crowell Block (c.1858). Commercial Italianate.
1858: 306 S. Superior Street, Banking Block (c.1858). Commercial Italianate.
1858: NC 125-127 West Porter Street (c.1858). Residential.

1859: East Division wooden school replaced by two story brick school. P5

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