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Albion Interactive History / Events / Starr Commonwealth

1910’s, Starr Commonwealth Tag Days

Some nameless field secretary suggested that the Starr Commonwealth put on “Tag Days.” From the outset Starr was enthusiastic about the proposal. The school printed “Starr Commonwealth for Boys” on a few thousand red tags, looped each with apiece of string, then fashioned a dozen or so tin canisters with generous coin slots on their lids. Prior to visitation dates, the field secretaries were to call upon the editors of local newspapers in these communities where the Tag Days were to be held and cajole them into running stories on the Starr Commonwealth for Boys and the coming days. In the first years these items were little more than announcements, but as visitations gained acceptance, the articles gained space.

Source: Keith Fennimore. FaithMade Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School. Albion, Michigan:Starr Commonwealth. 1988.