Kremer Family Garden – 2023

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Note: the story of how our family garden came to be is here. Below are brief updates from the garden. 2023-Feb-26: We started a new grow operation with approximately 300 seeds of 12 different varieties. These included favorites that we re-plant from seeds collected, year after year. There were also at least three new varieties of tomatoes – one is

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Krämer Family Farm – Westphalia, Michigan

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The arrival of the Krämer family in Michigan followed a common path of immigration starting in Prussia, crossing the ocean, traversing the Erie Canal, and settling in Buffalo. From there families moved westward in search of land and opportunity. Michael Krämer preceded his father to the United States in 1851 and settled first in Buffalo. He married Angela Schweick in

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Tribute to Patricia Huxtable

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Patricia Huxtable (right) with mother Hazel Underhill (left) and grandson Isaac Kremer (center), at Interlochen Arts Camp, Intermediate Division (Summer 1993). Patricia Huxtable was an early champion of environmental, conservation, and historic preservation causes in Michigan. She was born June 9, 1930 in Lansing, Michigan. She was the eldest daughter of Harold Paul Underhill (1901-1987) and Hazel Agnes Youry (1901-1994).

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Mary Terese Ording (1926-2018) – Lansing, Michigan

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Mary Terese Ording was born February 25, 1926, in Williamston, Michigan. She grew up on the Ording family farm. Mary Ording had her first communion around 1933. She was a student at Williamston High School and active in the band (played clarinet) and also theater (participated in Junior and Senior Shows). The 1930 US Census showed Mary’s future husband, Paul

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Michael Kramer House – Buffalo, New York

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Matthias Kramer arrived in America on October 26, 1857. The Passenger List denotes him as travelling below deck, along with the bulk of the other passengers aboard the ship “Roger A. Heirn.” The ship was launched April 9, 1857 and was 173 feet 4 inches long, had a 37 foot beam, and 23 foot deep hold. Several years later after arriving

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Peter Paul Kremer House – Lansing, Michigan

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  Previously we documented the Peter Paul Kremer House in Pittsburgh. Peter Paul Kremer was born in Buffalo, New York on November 27, 1859. He was the son of Michael Krämer (1830–1917) and Angela Schweick (1833–1915). His parents had emigrated from Waldrach, Germany nearly a decade prior to his birth. Michael was a day laborer. He married Angela in 1855. Peter was the

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Peter Paul Kremer House – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Thomas and Edward Kremer on Rutledge St facing Republic St with Peter Paul Kremer house in the upper left corner of the photo (second in from Rutledge St). Photo taken August 2017. Peter Paul Kremer (1859-1935) was born in Buffalo, New York on November 27, 1859. He was the son of Michael Krämer (1830–1917) and Angela Schweick (1833–1915). His parents

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President Theodore Roosevelt Address at Dedication of Underhill Monument – Lattingtown, New York

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“I have known any number of Underhills in every walk of life, men who made their living in many different ways – men belonging to the professions, men who followed the sea, men who tilled the soil, men of means, men who made each day’s living by that days work with their hands – and all of them decent citizens.

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