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Keith Fennimore
Professor of English


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The Albion College Sesquicentennial History: 1835-1985, 1985The Albion College Sesquicentennial History recounts the evolution of a denominational academic enterprise from its early days of struggle on the edge of a raw wilderness to its present status as an estimable college amid an industrialized society. Throughout it seeks to retell an old story in terms of recent investigations and fresh insights. Though a few pleasant myths have been destroyed, what emerges is a fully dimensional account of an institution well worth patient scrutiny.

Faith Made Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School, 1988

The author of The Albion College Sesquicentennial History is Dr. Keith J. Fennimore, professor-emeritus of English. An alumnus of the class of 1939 and a faculty member from 1946 to 1983, Dr. Fennimore has accumulated half a century of associations with the institution since his enrollment as a freshman in 1935.

Upon his retirement, Dr. Fennimore was appointed college historian and archivist, a dual role which gave him wide access to the historical resources of the college and the motivation for undertaking the present study. Since he sought to carry the work beyond the Albion campus, however, he has incorporated frequent references to relevant developments within the broader fields of academic and social history.

Dr. Fennimore brings to this study four decades of experience as a teacher of expository writing. In previous years he has published a critical analysis of Booth Tarkington: Man and Novelist (Twayne) and The Heritage of Bay View (Eerdmans). Currently in preparation is The Fiction of Our Forefathers: The Short Story in Eighteenth Century America.

The author received his M.A. from the University of Michigan in 1940 and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1956. A member of the Michigan Archival Association and the Historical Society of Michigan, he envisions further studies in the story of his alma mater and the history of his native state.

Source: Keith Fennimore. The Albion College Sesquicentennial History. Albion, Michigan: Albion College. 1985. p 476.

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