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Wyandotte, Michigan
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34. Gartner Home, Vinewood 234
The Gartner family owned and operated a hardware store. The family home continued to be occupied by one son who lived on the first floor, and a sister who had an apartment upstairs. Their brother was elected a State Representative, but lived elsewhere.

This house is so architecturally ornamented and unique that it is literally an encyclopedia of the Queen Anne style. The Gartner family’s association with builders and the hardware business is clearly reflected in their house that in many ways served as the best advertisement for their company and the products they sold. This is common with merchants, and especially building supply merchants throughout the country.

The house has a T-shaped plan with a gable roof with hip on the south front and a side gable roof facing east. Front gable has pent roof enclosing gable that is recessed and has a recessed window at center. Shingles vary between semi-circular pattern above and below window to diamond beside window. Brackets support pent roof and separate pediment from the main mass of the house.

Other distinguishing features include a wrap around verandah on the south and east sides. With Corinthian columns grouped in pairs of 3 on either side of the south entrance. A pediment is in the overhanging roof here as well.

An oriel window is cantilevered on the front façade, 2nd floor, over the entrance and slightly to the east. While on this same front façade, the west hald of the 2nd floor is balanced by paired double hung windows. Below these on the first floor is a large bay window with transom light above. And separating the first and second floor, except where the roof overhanging the porch, is a classically designed cornice with dentils, fascia, and crown.

The lot adjacent to the house to the east is vacant and apparently has been vacant at least since the time the house was built, providing a view of the ornamental east side from the street of this house located in the center of a city block, for a house that more commonly would be on a corner lot to be visible from two sides.

This building was featured on the first Wyandotte Historic House Tour in 1995.
Wyandotte Historical Society plaque visible [1893], registered?