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A model made in some easily worked material, like wood or plaster, to serve as a guide in respect to form and dimensions in the laying out of any piece of work in building requiring accuracy, or to facilitate correctness of outline in stonecutting or stucco work or carpentry… 2. An artistic or decorative design, especially one having a characteristic arrangement and considered as a unit, of which an idea can be given by a fragment. 3. A consistent, characteristic, or coherent arrangement based on the interrelation of component parts.

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Isaac D. Kremer, MSARP, is an agile leader with a track record of success revitalizing downtowns in the U.S. The prior two downtowns he managed were named Great American Main Street Award Semifinalists. Isaac is a much sought after speaker, having presented at over 30 conferences. Through speaking and writing he has influenced hundreds of fellow practitioners.

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