Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Site of Hurst House

Wyandotte, Michigan
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26. Site of Hurst House, Demolished
James T. Hurst was a lumber baron who had a mill called Lacey and Hurst where Eureka Ave meets the river. Originally built for Dr. S.B. Wright, one of the first medical doctors that came to Wyandotte, the house was later sold to the Hurst family. The original house as Italianate and made of wood. When the Hurst’s bought it they added a tower, Queen Anne details, and exotic woods inside.

Later the home was demolished and a parking lot is on the site today. The only evidence that remains of this home is iron fencing running beside the Bacon library. The original fence separates the two properties and was restored by the Wyandotte Historical Society around 1994. A slate slab from the house may also remain on the site.

The reason the site has not been redeveloped is that the Hurst descendants placed a revisional covenant in their will before they died – requiring that the site may be developed only for educational purposes. An ideal location for a library, museum, or other educational facility – Wyandotte is still waiting for the right project to come along.