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Frederick W. Peabody, 1862

Frederick W. Peabody, chief of the fire department of Albion and also interested in agricultural pursuits in Calhoun county, was born in Detroit, Michigan, June 6, 1862, and when only a year old was brought to this city, where later he entered the public school, continuing his studies until he had mastered the branches which constitute the high school curriculum. He afterward learned the painter’s trade, which he followed for a number of years, but since 1875 has been continually connected with Albion fire department, first with the old Alert Hose Company No. 1, when that was a volunteer company. First he served as torch boy and afterwards held all of the offices in his original company. His advancement has been continuous and he has made his way upward from assistant foreman, foreman and assistant chief to that of chief, having been appointed to the head of the department in 1887. He has since occupied that position continuously, with the exception of a period of four years, and in 1903 was re-appointed by Mayor Palmer. His service in this capacity, therefore, is greater than that of any other fireman in the county. When he first joined the department there was only an old hand engine, but the equipment has gradually increased and there is an excellent and modern engine, good hose wagon and a truck and ladder wagon. There is also a good brick building, which is used as the fire department house with an electric door opener and all modern devices. All of the improvements in the service have been made during the incumbency of Mr. Peabody as chief. He is a member of both the National and International Fire Chiefs’ Associations and he has made the work of fighting fires a life study. In office he displays keen sagacity and in the face of danger is always cool and collected, thus being able to use his forces to the best possible advantage.

In Albion on the 4th of April, 1884, Mr. Peabody was united in marriage to Miss Nellie M. Robinson, and they have two children, Walter M. and Genevieve A. Mr. Peabody is the owner of a good farm in Homer township, but devotes his time to the interests of the fire department. In politics he usually votes with the Democratic party, but is rather independent in his political views. Socially he is connected with the Knights of the Maccabees.

Source: Hobart and Mather. Biographical Review of Calhoun County, MI. April 1904.

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