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Frank E. Dean, 1910
    Died February 8, 1981

Builder +
Albion City Hall, 112 W. Cass, 1933-1936
Stockwell Library, Albion College, 1938
Seaton Hall, Albion College, 1949
Baldwin Hall, Albion College, 1951
Goodrich Chapel, Albion College, 1958
Wesley Chapel, Albion College, 1958
First United Methodist Church Educational Building, 1958
Locust Lane, subdivision planner, 1961
Haven Lane, subdivision planner, 1961
Colfax Street
Sheridan Heights, subdivision planner, 1952

Albion College Graduate
Class of 1931

Frank E. Dean was a well known Albion architect who designed numerous institutional buildings in Albion, as well as developing several residential areas in the city. He was born January 3, 1910, the son of George E. and Belle (Clark) Dean. He graduated from Albion College in 1931, and from the University of Pennsylvania in 1933. His first project in Albion was the designing of City Hall. In subsequent years, he designed an array of buildings at Albion College, including the Stockwell Library, SeatonHall, Baldwin Hall, GoodrichChapel, Wesley Chapel, and the First United Methodist Church EducationalBuilding.

Dean was not limited to public or Albion College buildings however. He was the mastermind behind such areas as the Locust Lane and HavenLane developments. Dean would not only plat and design the sections, but would also hire contractors and other skilled labor to build the developments. He was the architect for the first homes in the Colfax Street and Sheridan Heights areas. He died February 8, 1981. P146

Source: Frank Passic. Homestead Savings and Loan and the Builders of Albion: One Hundred Years of Service, 1889-1989. Albion, MI: Homestead Savings and Loan Association. 1988.

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