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Auxiliary of Patrick Leo Hanlon Post, No. 55, American Legion
By Anna L. Decker

The Auxiliary of Patrick Leo Hanlon Post, Number 55, American Legion, received its charter April 15, 1921.

The following have served as presidents of this organization:
1921 Cora (Hafford) Goodrich
1922, Marian McDonald
1923, Nova Schuyler
1924, Roma Hartung
1925, Lua Miller
1926, Nina Starks
1927, Frances Russell and Bernice Thomas
1928 and 1929, Marguerite Guyselman
1930, Marie Gildersleeve
1931, Nina Starks
1932, Anna Decker

The first four years meetings were held in the City Library, Eagle Temple, W.C.T.U., and G.A.R. Hall. In June, 1925, the first meeting was held in the new home on the corner of South Clinton and West Porter streets, purchased by the American Legion.

The chief purpose of the Auxiliary of the American Legion is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; also, to help all ex-service men and their families when in need.

In May of each year the Auxiliary sells poppies on a day as near Memorial day as possible. This money is used only for welfare work among the families of the ex-service men and for the supplies and gifts sent to the American Legion Hospital at Battle Creek, and to the Children’s Billet at Otter Lake. To the Hospital are sent slippers, towels, linen, bath robes, afghans, magazines, canned fruit, vegetables, candy, cigarettes, flowers, pajamas, Christmas cards, rugs, bedding, socks, handkerchiefs and valentines. The Auxiliary has sent three children from Albion to the Billet at Otter Lake for care while their parents were ill or disabled.

Gifts sent to the Billet consist of clothing, conned fruit, Christmas and East gifs, and money for help toward the upkeep of this home.

The money used for this work, aside from that received from the sale of poppies, has been earned by the Auxiliary in serving suppers, putting on plays, dances and various other entertainments. The first efforts on the part of the members, and by donations from friends outside the Auxiliary. And for several years they were able to pay for membership in the Albion Community Recreation Association and the Albion Chamber of Commerce.

In 1926 the Red Cross work was taken over by the Auxiliary with Mrs. Nina Stark acting as chairman. In April of that year Herbert Richards, then attending Albion College, was presented with a medal from the Red Cross for saving six lives at Lapeer. During the Florida disaster, seven large barrels of clothing were sent to the sufferers in that district, together with a large sum of money which was donated by the people of Albion.

At Christmas time each year a party has been given for the poor children of Albion, and baskets of gifts and foods sent to the families of ex-service men who were in need. Last year, we sent eight baskets, each containing a week’s supply of food.

The Third District Convention of the Legion and Auxiliary is held once a month, and at least once each year they are entertained here by Patrick Leo Hanlon Post No. 55 and the Auxiliary. There is splendid cooperation between the Post and the Auxiliary and much more good work is being done.

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 93-95