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Daughters of the American Revolution, Hannah Tracy Grant Chapter, 1905

Daughters of the American Revolution
Hannah Tracy Grant Chapter
By Jennie A. Worthington

The Hannah Tracy Grant Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was organized in October, 1905, at the home of Mrs. A.J. Brosseau, with the following charter membership of twenty-two women: Mrs. A.J. Brosseau, Organizing Regent; Mrs. H.B. Parker, Vice Regent; Mrs. Frank L. Irwin, Registrar; Mrs. Rex Kennedy, Secretary; Mrs. Clara Peabody, Treasurer; Mrs. F.S. Goodrich, Historian; other members, Miss Jessie Blanchard, Mrs. George Bortles, Miss Almera Calkins, Miss Kate L. Calkins, Miss Norma Calkins, Miss Emma Crittenden, Mrs. Ernest A. Davis, Miss Lucy R. Gardner, Mrs. Emory E. Goodenow, Miss Georgia Goodenow, Miss Maizie Goodenow, Mrs. Edward Loud, Mrs. Ray G. MacDonald, Mrs. William A. Sutton, Mrs. William A. Wagner, and Mrs. Jennie A. Worthington. The present membership is fifty-four.

Hannah Tracy Grant, born February 25, 1765, was the fourth daughter of Thomas Tracy and Lucy (Sprague) Tracy of Lenox, Mass. Her father was a descendent of Baron N. Tracie, and English and Saxon Kings, and came to this country in 1636. She married Dr. Isaac Grant of Lotchfield, Conn., who enlisted in the Continental Army. Their son, Rev. Loring Grant, moved from New York to Albion in 1839, and his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Grant, made their home in later years with him, in what was known as the “Bell House” of Albion College. Both passed away in 1841, and are buried in Riverside Cemetery.

The chapter meetings are devoted to patriotic programs and the work of the organization has been along philanthropic and Americanization lines. The chapter has furnished a room in the Sheldon Memorial Hospital, established a loan scholarship fund for worthy students in Albion College, marked the graves of both Hannah Tracy grant, and her husband, Dr. Isaac Grant, assisted in the purchase of Victory Park, assisted the work of the Starr Commonwealth, awarded history medals in the public schools, and placed a copy of D.A.R. Historical Records (which includes 39 Lineage Books) in the Albion Public Library.

Outstanding features are the placing of a boulder with copper inscription at the intersection of the Old Territorial Road and Jackson Road in 1915, and in October, 1927, entertained the State Conference, and the same year, took a chair in Memorial Continental Hall in honor of Jennie A. Worthington, and placed name plate and date of stone of Old Stone Mill in Crowell Park.

A list of regents and historians who have served since the organization of the Hannah Tracy Grant Chapter follows:

Regents –
Grace Hall Brosseau (1905-1908)
Theodosia Gardner Parker, (1908-1910)
Estella Griswold Irwin, (1910-1912)
Jennie A. Worthington, (1912-1915)
Mary Galpin White (1915-1917)
Clara Miller Fiske (1917-1918)
Mary Ensign Rogers (1918-1919)
Alice Barnhart Foote, (1919-1920)
Carrie R. Sherwood, (1920-1922)
Helena B. French, (1922-1924)
Claribel S. Emery, (1924-1925)
Jennie A. Worthington (1925-1928)
Mary Ensign Rogers (1928-1929)
Margaret Marquis White, (1929-1930)
May Wartham Farley, (1930-1931)

Historians –
Mary Harrison Goodrich (1905-1908)
Cora Stewart Griswold (1908-1909)
Alta Allen Loud (1909-1910)
Theodosia Gardner Parker (1910-1912)
Mary Belle Pratt (1912-1914)
Ethel Calkins MacDonald (1914-1915)
Stella Griswold Irwin and Mary Ensign Rogers (1915-1916)
Georgia Pratt (1916-1918)
Mary Harrison Goodrich (1918-1920)
Alice Barnhart Foote, (1920-1922)
Jennie A. Worthington (1922-1925)
Mary Harrison Goodrich (1925-1927)
Rose Ball (1927-1929)
Jennie A Worthington (1929-1932)

The officers for 1931-1932 are:
Regent, Mrs. Garfield Farley; Vice-Regent, Mrs. E.D. White; Secretary, Mrs. Carl Williams; Treasurer, Mrs. J.I. Cook; Registrar, Miss Rose Ball; Historian, Miss Jennie Worthington; Custodian, Miss Ruth French; Chaplain, Mrs. F.S. Goodrich

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 100-101