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1928 February 28, Washington Gardner School dedication

When Washington Gardner High School was dedicated on February 8, 1928, Gardner was unfortunately unable to attend because of his poor physical condition. He was told however, that the new school was being named after him, and felt honored by the school board’s decision. School board presidentAlvin Dice officiated at the dedication ceremonies. The main address was given by Webster H. Pearce, an Albion College graduate and former Albion High School principal, who had become State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dr. Joseph Macuk, Sr. of Hillsdale college, gave an address in appreciation of Washington Gardner and his many fine years of public service. A portrait of Dr. Gardner was placed on the platform of the auditorium in his absence.

The dedication ceremonies included musical numbers by the High School Chorus, the Girls Glee Club, and the Boys’ Glee Club. Albion College professor L.U. Rowland presented a special piano selection. The architect of the building, Warren S. Holmes, presented the keys of the building to school board president Dice. Superintendent Donald Harrington accepted the building for the school and to the the public. The following evening, a pageant entitled, “America the Beautiful” was performed by the students, directed by Harriet Way, with music by C.P. Bilhorn.

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