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Few people are better acquainted with federal institutions than with the post office department which has developed to the extent that offices have been established in practically every community from the smallest cross-roads settlement to the largest of urban center, in which a central office is supplemented by smaller sub-stations.

Albion is fortunate in having an unusually fine post office building complete in every detail and modern in every respect. The building has been in use since June, 1917, prior to which the growing community was served by an office which from time to time outgrew its quarters with the result that the service was somewhat handicapped.

Before the first decade of Albion’s existence had become history this city, then a mere village, saw its first post office. The office was first established here April 10, 1838, largely through the efforts of Jesse Crowell, the first postmaster. The office was located then in the Warner block at the corner of South Superior and Erie streets, in the present location of the Mounteer & Son Bakery. Rural mail delivery out of Albion was started March 15, 1900.

The location was used for many years, but later changes were made in sites until the present one, the eleventh, was decided upon. Just prior to the final shift, the office was located at the northwest corner of Superior and Cass Streets, in which the Vaughn & Ragsdale chain stores company now operates a store. Prior to that the Eslow building at the corner of South Clinton and West Porter streets was utilized.

The postmasters who have served Albion are as follows: Jesse Crowell, Don C. Scranton, Anson Thompson, Jr., Charles W. Dalrymple, Elliott W. Hollingsworth, Phineas Graves, Martin Haven, Frank F. Cole, Fred K.F. Hoaglin, John Fanning, Frank L. Irwin, Arthur D. Bangham, and Willard R. Noyes. The present postmaster is Erva J. Mallory.

The present personnel of the post office consists of the following: E.J. Mallory, postmaster; Fred H. Blanchard, assistant postmaster; B.F. Miles, money order clerk; W.S. Miles and Charles R. Miller, stamp clerks; I.C. Denton and W.B. Gardner, mailing clerks; W.J. Brady, substitute clerk; L.G. Connor, Dean C. Young, Fred W. Fischer, F.W. Dean, P.C. Robertson and W.G. Wallace, city carriers, C.E. Dernier, parcel post carrier; E.E. Connor, auxiliary carrier; Vern Van Meter, substitute carrier; E.R. Gaskell, J.H. Bachelor, B.J. Blanchard, O.L. Biggs, Bert Wright and Carl A. Pretzel, rural carriers; and W.S. Miles, secretary, F.H. Blanchard and D.C. Young, members of the civil service board.

The Albion post office does an annual stamp and money order business of more than $50,000 and has been a first class post office for several years.

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 84-85

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