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South Hall, 1870

Block +
US Census Block # 34-118

Style Guide +
Greek Revival (1825-1860)

Historic Designation +
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985


  • South hall originally constructed in 1870.
  • Renamed Dickie Hall in 1960s.
  • Major renovations and additions in 1997.
  • Renamed Kellogg Center in 1997.

The “South, or Chapel Building,” was 46 by 80 feet and three stories high. It contained the college office, “the President’s Room, Library and Reading Rooms and the College Chapel, capable of seating 800 persons.

South Hall was completed in 1870 after fourteen years of sporadic construction. For eighty-eight years virtually every Albion student attended chapel in this second oldest of existing Albion structures at least twice a week. Some of its discarded benches have become sought-after by antiques collectors.

The Jocelyn faculty on the stage of South Hall (east wall behind them).

South Hall chapel interior prior to President Ashley’s administration.

South Hall auditorium after installation of the pipe organ.

By 1939 the old chapel in South Hall was filled to capacity.

Students waiting outside South Hall prior to services being held.

South Hall, renamed Dickie Hall in the 1960s.

Night and day, West face of South Hall.

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