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Ferguson Administration Building, 2002

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US Census Block # 34-118

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Albion College, Office of Communications “20-Ton Cupola Finds Home Atop Ferguson Building“, May 6, 2002

The construction of the newest building on campus, the Ferguson Building, was made possible by a generous donation of $4 million dollars by Bill and Joyce Ferguson, 50% of the overall construction costs. The building is the center of the College’s technology, student and administrative services, housing Information Technology, the Registrar, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the President’s Office. The building also contains a 24-hour multi-purpose computer laboratory to students, faculty and staff of the College.

The 20-ton copper cupola was hoisted atop the building by a 175-ton crane, the largest in the state. With the cupola in place, the building stands 90 feet tall.

William C. Ferguson, ’52, has served in many capacities at Albion College, as student, alumnus, parent, visiting professor, trustee, acting president (1995-96), chairman of the Board of Trustees, generous donor, and received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Albion in 1996. Over the years, Ferguson has set up scholarships, endowments, and also the Ferguson Center in the Education Department. This building came about because his wife, Joyce, wanted to give him a Christmas present, so she gave him a building. It took six months to work out all plans, but the Ferguson Building now stands as a gift to Bill and the entire Albion College community because of Joyce’s thoughtfulness. Ferguson is currently a member of the Board of Trustees.

Artist’s rendering of the Ferguson Building (Albion College Archives)

Architectural drawing of the Ferguson Building (Albion College Archives)

All photographs are from the Albion College Archives Photograph Files, unless otherwise noted.


Plans for the Ferguson Building.

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Source: Albion College Archives, 2003 [Downloaded July 3, 2003]

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