Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Matthews House

Wyandotte, Michigan
1854 Wyandotte Village   |   Ford City   |   Glenwood & Mt. Carmel   |   South Wyandotte

36. Matthews House, Walnut 254, Foursquare, Built 1910
Hipped roof with front gable dormer, half gable roof over porch with fishscale shingle in pediment. Oriel window on west side of porch with double hung windows on either side of large central pane of transom with hexagonal cut glass. Classical frame around most doors and windows. Brick chimney with corbelled chimney cap.

Build by W.S. Matthews, a chemist with Michigan Alkali Works No. 1 on south end of town, charter member of the Knights of Columbus, Trenton Chief of Police 1960-1968, member of St. Joseph Church, died May 23, 1978 and buried at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery in Brownstown, Twp.

Wyandotte Historical Society plaque accepted November 11, 1992.