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Rev. Thomas Henry Sinex, 1824
1st President, 1854-1864

     Died February 1, 1898

Albion College Principal/President +

Accomplishments as President

  • President when Albion received its charter from the State of Michigan.

Biographical Information
Born in Albany, Indiana, January 3, 1824. His father Swedish, mother Welsch. He was a graduate with an A.B. degree from Asbury University, now DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. He received his degree in 1842. Later Asbury awarded him both the A.M. and D.D. degrees.

After public school and classes in the academy in his home city, the young Sinex entered Asbury in 1839. After graduation he studied law for almost a year before becoming a minister of the MethodistEpiscopal Church. He was first a member of the Indiana Conference before he was quite 20. He subsequently preached in Crawfordsville, Rockville, LaPorte, Logansport, and Fort Wayne, beforereturning to his alma mater to teach. He also taught at Asbury Female College, New Albany, and was principal of the Female Academy, Bloomington, Indiana, in 1854, when he waschosen to head the institution at Albion.

He was a member of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1864, the year he left Albion for Santa Clara, California, for three years as a pastor. From this position, he returned to academic life by becoming the president of the University of the Pacific and retained the presidency until 1872. He resigned thepresidency and became a mathematics professor at the California institution. His death occurred on February 1, 1898, at the age of 80 years. Gildart, 65

Source: Gildart, Robert. Albion College, 1835-1960, A History. Chicago: Donnelley Lakeside Press, 1961.

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