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Leroy Kimball, 1888
    Died November 27, 1962

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October 21, 1888 Born in Flint, MI to Gustavus Sylvester Kimball (d.1937, former President of the Albion Commercial College) and Marie Esther Guy (d. November, 1911)
1906 Graduated Albion High School (founder and first Editor of the monthly Breeze, high school reporter for the Albion Evening Recorder)
1906-10 Albion College reporter for Detroit, Chicago and Grand Rapids papers (Albion Recorder, Detroit Free Press)
1906-62 Sigma Nu Fraternity; New York City Alumni Chapter
1910 A.B., Albion College (President of Contributor’s Club, Associate Editor of Pleiad, Manager of Debates, President of Student Senate, originator and Editor-in-Chief of Old Albion, reporter and Lieutenant-Commander of Gamma Gamma No.77 of Sigma Nu)
1910-11 City Editor, Albion Evening Recorder
1911-20 Assistant Bursar, New York University
June 17, 1914 Married to M. Gipsy Mabel Robinson (Albion High School ’06; Albion College ’10; Kappa Alpha Theta; principal Morenci High School, MI; teacher Woodward Avenue High School, Kalamazoo, MI; Board Member, St. Christopher’s Home, Dobbs Ferry, NY; Board Member, New York State Rehabilitation Hospital, West Haverstraw; member, Christ Church, NY; Chairman, Red Cross Membership Committee, Christ Church; Director and President of Board of Directors, Panhellenic House Association; Rockland County, NY Conservation Board; “First Lady in Sigma Nu” 1935; Secretary and Treasurer, Albion Alumni Organization)
1917 M.A., New York University
1917-18 Secretary, Delegate to 18th Grand Chapter of Sigma Nu, Cleveland
1920-25 Bursar, New York University
1922-54 Managing Trustee, Modern Language Association of America
1924-62 Quill (New York)
1925-45 Comptroller, New York University
1930 President, Association University and College Business Officers of Eastern States
1930-62 Grolier Club (New York)
1931 Life Member, New York Historical Society
1932-33 President, Quill (New York)
1933 Wrote introduction to “A few remarks by Elmer Ellsworth Brown”, Alciun, a Dialogue
1933-35 Vice Regent, Sigma Nu
1933-41 President of American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society
1933-50 Treasurer, Association of American Colleges
1935 LL.D., Albion College (Doctor of Laws)
1935 Wrote First Book of America’s First Professional Man of Letters, Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810), New Haven
1935 Wrote introduction to Literature of Book Collecting by R.W.G. Vail, Librarian of American Antiquarian Society (New York)
1935 Wrote Fleury in the American Revolution
1935 Wrote The Smiths of Haverstraw
1935 Chairman and Trustee, National Interfraternity Conference Sigma Nu
1935 Member, Oxford (England) Bibliographical Society; Bibliographical Society of England
1935-36 President, Rockland County (New York) Historical Society
1935-37 Regent, Sigma Nu
1935-37 Executive Committee, New York Historical Society
1935-61 University Club (New York)
1937 Wrote Miss Bacon Advances Learning (Colophon Series)
1937-62 Board of Trustees, New York Historical Society
1937-62 Member of New York State Commission to Survey Scenic and Historic and Commercial Assets of Hudson River Valley
1937-62 Trustee, Sigma Nu
1938 Wrote James Wilson of Vermont, America’s First Globe Maker
1939 Member Advisory Committee of History and Society, New York World’s Fair
1939-58 Council Member, Grolier Club
1940 Wrote Thomas Carlyle and Charles Butler of Wall Street
1941-1962 Athenaeum (London)
1944-57 Treasurer, Grolier Club
1945-56 Vice-Chancellor and Comptroller, New York University
1946 Wrote A Note on British Universities after the War
1947 Lambda Sigma Honorus Causa, New York University
1947-52 Founder, Secretary-Treasurer and Trustee, New York University Bellevue Medical Center
1947-56 First Vice President, New York Historical Society
1948 Wrote University Congress at Oxford
1948-50 President and Life Member, Bibliographical Society of America
1950-51 Vice President, Association of American Colleges
1951-52 President, Association of American Colleges
1952-62 Honorary Trustee, Bellevue Medical Center
June 1953 Delivered Albion College Commencement Address
1954 President, Modern Language Association of America
1956 LL.D., New York University
1956-61 President, New York Historical Society
1956-62 Emeritus, New York University
1959-62 Trustee, Rose Memorial Library Association, Stony Point, New York
January 1962 Honorary President For Life and Trustee, New York Historical Society
August 1962 Elected to Sigma Nu “Hall of Honor” at Pittsburgh Grand Chapter
November 27, 1962 Died, following brief illness
December 1, 1962 Buried, Riverside Cemetery, Albion, MI
1968 Kimball Estate is left to Albion College upon the death of Gipsy Robinson Kimball

Source: Albion College Archives, 2003 [Downloaded July 3, 2003]

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