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Knights of Pythias

Knights of Pythias
By Carl Creager

Albion Lodge No. 57

Instituted June 4, 1885. Officers (1931): William F. Goot, Chancellor Commander; Floyd Rogers, Vice Chancellor; William French, Prelate; Donland Hubbard, Master of Work; James Watson, Master of Arms; Dayton Trine, Inner Guard; LaVere Ozenrider, Outer Guard; R.E. Schumacher, Keeper of the R & S; W. H. Rogers, Master of Exchequer.

Past Chancellors: S.M. Reed, George T. Bullen, R.E. Schumacher, E.F. Hoaglin, Marc C. Reed, A.A. Dibble, W.H. French, H.W. Mosher, Clyde A. Bacon, Edward R. Reed, W.C. Harton, G.H. Killian, O.H. Gale, C.E. Jeffries, Fred W. Schumacher, W.G. Wallace, H.J. Pattison, Frank Beaman, L.B. Wickham, Fred Stem, D.J. Gilbert, P.C. Robertson, C.S. Lauber, Carl M. Creager, Donald Hubbard, Fay Young.

Apollo Company No. 23, Uniform Rank
Knights of Pythias

Organized May 7, 1886. Officers (1931): Carl M. Creager, Captain; O.J. Weston, 1st Lieutenant; W.H. Rogers, 2nd Lieutenant; H.W. Oakes, Recorder; F.H. Abbey, Treasurer; Lester Seekel, Guard; Fred Stem, Sentinel.

Past Captains: Charles McClellan. D.A. Garfield, E.E. Harlow, F.C. Sackett, M.C. Reed

Superior Temple No. 87 Pythian Sisters
By Ella Creager
Organized June 6, 1910

Officers (1931)
Marian Oakes, Past Chief
Dora Aldrich, Most Excellent Chief
Elizabeth Frank, Excellent Senior
Lusille Marsh, Excellent Junior
Nora Sovern, Manager
Ella Creager, Mistress of R & C
Louise Nass, Mistress of Finance
Katherine Goot, Protector
Ella Weiss, Guard

Past Chiefs: Eliza Dew, Flora Shepard, Pearl Densmore, Minnie Fiss, Grace Dice, Celia Abbey, Carrie Robertson, Mary Rogers, Pearly Taylor, Lillian Dibble, Ella Creager, Lillie Marsh, Sarah Serio, Mattie McDonald, Marian Oakes, Cora French, Eleanor Sindecuse, Eva Clarke, Anna Schumacher, Norma Stem, and Florence Reed