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Miriam Krenerick, Albion’s Milestones and Memories, 1932

Early Pioneers of Albion
Three-Quarters-Century Club
Memory’s Gift
Thought Lessons
City of Albion
George A. Stoddard
A History of Albion
Public Utilities
Homestead Loan and Building Association
History of Albion Newspapers
Civic Organizations
Albion Post Office
E.J. Mallory
Bohm Theatre
Fraternal Organizations
Military Organizations
Mrs. Emma Hopkins Durkee
Miss Jenie A. Worthington
Women’s Organizations
Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs
History of Albion’s Visiting Nurse
Mrs. Rosabelle Perrigo
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
Churches of Albion
Pastors of Albion
Albion Public Schools
The Old Red School House
Albion College

Miriam Krenerick’s book captures the spirit of Albion through fast paced decades of development leading up the the Great Depression, World War, and the radically different social and economic order in the years to follow. Essays written about churches, women’s clubs, and social organizations translate to paper the subtle interconnections between people and organizations, and how together these made the social fabric of Albion for many years. Source
Miriam Krenerick. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. 1932.

Compiled by Miriam E. KrenerickFor the Three-Quarters-Century ClubAlbion Chapter

Centennial Edition

Printed by Art Craft PressAlbion, Michigan1932