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Adams, Randolph G.
1938, Adams, Randolph G., Address at the Dedication of the Stockwell Memorial Library at Albion College, June 4, 1938 (.pdf)

Albion Downtown Inc.
1986, Albion Downtown Inc., Newsletter, No.1 (.pdf)

Albion Weekly Mirror
1857, Albion Weekly Mirror, Business Directory

American Association of University Women
1998, A.A.U.W., Some Notable Women of Albion

Bobbitt, Mary Reed
1966, Mary Reed Bobbitt, A Short History of Albion 1966

Calhoun County
1975, Calhoun County, “Calhoun County Historic Preservation Plan”

City of Albion
1973, City of Albion, “Presentation by Albion, Michigan for the 1973 All-America City Award
1985, City of Albion, State of the City Report (.pdf)

Department of Urban Renewal
1969, Department of Urban Renewal, Annual Report
1970, Department of Urban Renewal, Annual Report
1971, Department of Urban Renewal, Annual Report

Fellows, John Spanos
1991, John Spanos Fellows, “Historic Preservation: Selected Sites of Downtown Albion

Fennimore, Keith
1985, Keith Fennimore, Albion Sesquicentennial History
1988, Keith Fennimore, Faith Made Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School

Field, James
1894, James Field, Souvenir of the City of Albion

Fox, John
1987, John Fox, “Riverside Cemetery: A selection of historical interments”

Gardner, Sen. Washington
1913, Washington Gardner, History of Calhoun County, Michigan

Gildart, Robert
1961, Robert Gildart, Albion College, 1835-1960, A History

Gillespie, David
1976, David Gillespie, “Report of the Historic District Study Committee

Hobart and Mather
Hobart and Mather. Biographical Review of Calhoun County, MI. April 1904.

Hoernschemeyer, Craig
1985, Craig Hoernschemeyer, “Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey

Kimball, Leroy
1953, Leroy Kimball, Commencement Address

Krenerick, Miriam
1932, Miriam Krenerick, Albion’s Milestones and Memories

Luedders’ City and Historical Directory
1944, Luedders’ City and Historical Directory, Volume VIII

National Register of Historic Places
1996, National Register of Historic Places, “Superior Street National Commercial Historic District”

Albion Historical Society
1991, Albion Historical Society, The Gardner House Museum Brochure 

Passic, Frank
1985, Frank Passic, Albion’s Banks and Bankers
1988, Frank Passic, Homestead Savings and Loan and the Building of Albion
1988, Frank Passic, Birds Eye View of the City of Albion
1991, Frank Passic, A Pictorial History of Albion
1991, Frank Passic, Birds Eye View of the City of Albion
1991, Frank Passic, A History of the Albion Public Schools
1993, Frank Passic, Presenting 25 Years of the Albion Civic Foundation

Powell, Judy
1978, Judy Powell, An Ethnic History of Albion

Retail Partners, Inc.
1992, Retail Partners, Inc., “Gravity’s Victory

United States Census
U.S. Census of 1840
U.S. Census of 1850
U.S. Census of 1860
U.S. Census of 1870
U.S. Census of 1880
U.S. Census of 1890
U.S. Census of 1900
U.S. Census of 1910
U.S. Census of 1920
U.S. Census of 1930
U.S. Census of 1940
U.S. Census of 1950
U.S. Census of 1960
U.S. Census of 1970
U.S. Census of 1980

Vernor, Dudleigh
1912, Dudleigh Vernor and Byron Stokes, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

Wilder, Audrey K.
1975, Audrey K. Wilder, A Young Man in Albion Village

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