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Wyandotte, Michigan
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S. American Shipbuilding Company
Though the shipyards have been converted to a park, the administration building remains. The machine shop was located at Grove Street beside the river. Wyandotte was active in shipbuilding from 1870-1922, with just over 200 ships built and launched for use on the Great Lakes.

The administration building still standing on the NW corner of the site, replaced an old building that was the last vestige of the 19th century Wyandotte Shipbuilding Works. A major fire destroyed most of the wooden buildings in 1912 and these were replaced by structure of concrete and steel.

The City of Wyandotte purchased the headquarters to use as a police station and jail from 1920-1960. Later it was occupied by Krutsch Heating.

The flagpole along Biddle Ave was an award given for the most successful regional Liberty war bond drive held at this yard. This was given by the U.S. Shipping Board in thanks for all of the bonds that were sold.