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Wyandotte, Michigan
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47. St. John United Church of Christ, Fourth 2744, Built 1929
St. John’s Evangelical Church was built in 1871 by J.F.W. Thon, Wayne County Treasurer, who during the Panic of 1873 committed suicide when county funds were unable to be collected. At this time treasurers were personally responsible for paying the government back if public funds they managed were lost.

This church has an interesting history over 100 years changing from a rigid confessional Lutheran church, that by challenging doctrines, the church changed to an entirely new denomination.

When some members of St. John’s Evangelical wanted to become Masons, those who disagreed broke off and formed Trinity Lutheran, because they felt membership in a secret society was against church doctrine.

St. John’s remained Lutheran for some time, before they started challenging and discarding other doctrines as well. At first it was allowing membership in secret societies, then it became evangelical – denying the real presence of Christ in communion. Finally, seeing the Lutheran denomination as being to liturgical, they broke away and became a member of the United Church of Christ – going so far as to believe in a Unitarian instead of a Trinitarian God.

Doctrinal and evangelical changes were accompanied by architectural changes as well. In 1929 the church was remodeled, bumping the tower out to make room for a stair going into the gallery.

Wyandotte Historical Society plaque accepted December 17, 1993.