Urban Trails – Downtown Heritage Trail, Civil War to Civil Rights, Washington, District of Columbia

The Civil War (1861-1865) transformed Washington, DC from a muddy backwater to a center of national power. Ever since, the city has been at the heart of the continuing struggle to realize fully the ideals for which the war was fought. The 25 signs that mark this trail follow the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Clara Barton, Frederick Douglass, and others, famous and humble, who shaped a nation and its capital city while living and working in historic downtown DC. Civil War to Civil Rights: Downtown Heritage Trail is an Official Washington, DC Walking Trail. The self-guided tour consists of three distinct loops: West, Center, and East. Each one-mile loop offers about an hour of gentle exercise. A free booklet capturing the trail’s highlights is available at local businesses and institutions along the way. To download the free Civil War to Civil Rights Audio Tour, and to learn about other DC neighborhoods, please visit www.CulturalTourismDC.org.

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