Architecture / Function

function / agriculture/subsistence
function / commerce/trade
function / culture and recreation
function / defense
function / domestic
function / education
function / funerary
function / government
function / health care
function / industry/processing/extraction
function / recreation/culture
function / religion
function / social
function / transportation

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Function (from National Park Service)

Category Subcategory Examples
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field crop marks
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field farms
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field hedgerow
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field orchard
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field pasture
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field stone alignments
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field terrace
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field vineyard
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural field wheatfield
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural outbuilding barn
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural outbuilding tool shed
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural outbuilding wagon shed
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE agricultural outbuilding wellhouse
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility apiary
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility barn
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility chicken coop
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility hunting & kill site
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility hunting corral
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility hunting run
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility ranches
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE animal facility stockyard
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE fishing facility or site fish hatchery
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE fishing facility or site fishing grounds
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE horticultural facility garden
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE horticultural facility greenhouse
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE horticultural facility plant observatory
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE irrigation facility canals
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE irrigation facility check dams
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE irrigation facility headgates
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE irrigation facility irrigation system
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE irrigation facility stone alignments
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE processing food processing site
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE processing gathering site
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE processing meatpacking plant
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE processing smokehouse
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE processing tobacco barn
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE storage cotton warehouse
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE storage storage site
AGRICULTURE/SUBSISTENCE storage tobacco warehouse
COMMERCE/TRADE business commercial buildings
COMMERCE/TRADE business main streets
COMMERCE/TRADE business markets
COMMERCE/TRADE business office building
COMMERCE/TRADE business skyscrapers
COMMERCE/TRADE department store department store
COMMERCE/TRADE department store general store
COMMERCE/TRADE department store marketplace
COMMERCE/TRADE department store trading post
COMMERCE/TRADE financial institution bank
COMMERCE/TRADE financial institution savings and loan association
COMMERCE/TRADE financial institution stock exchange
COMMERCE/TRADE organizational labor union
COMMERCE/TRADE organizational professional association
COMMERCE/TRADE organizational trade union
COMMERCE/TRADE professional architect’s studio
COMMERCE/TRADE professional engineering office
COMMERCE/TRADE professional law office
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant bar
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant café
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant diners
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant drive-ins
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant roadhouse
COMMERCE/TRADE restaurant tavern
COMMERCE/TRADE specialty store auto showroom
COMMERCE/TRADE specialty store bakery
COMMERCE/TRADE specialty store blacksmith shop
COMMERCE/TRADE specialty store clothing store
COMMERCE/TRADE specialty store hardware store
COMMERCE/TRADE trade (archeology) cache
COMMERCE/TRADE trade (archeology) site with evidence of trade
COMMERCE/TRADE trade (archeology) storage pit
COMMERCE/TRADE warehouse commercial storage
COMMERCE/TRADE warehouse warehouse
DEFENSE air facility air base
DEFENSE air facility aircraft
DEFENSE air facility missile launching site
DEFENSE arms storage armory
DEFENSE arms storage magazine
DEFENSE battle site battlefield
DEFENSE coast guard facility coast guard station
DEFENSE coast guard facility dock
DEFENSE coast guard facility life-saving station
DEFENSE coast guard facility lighthouse
DEFENSE coast guard facility pier
DEFENSE fortification battery
DEFENSE fortification bunker
DEFENSE fortification earth fortified village
DEFENSE fortification fortified knoll or mountain top
DEFENSE fortification fortified military or naval post
DEFENSE fortification palisaded village
DEFENSE military facility barrack
DEFENSE military facility garrison fort
DEFENSE military facility military camp
DEFENSE military facility military post
DEFENSE military facility supply depot
DEFENSE naval facility aircraft carrier
DEFENSE naval facility battleship
DEFENSE naval facility naval base
DEFENSE naval facility submarine
DOMESTIC camp fishing camp
DOMESTIC camp forestry camp
DOMESTIC camp habitation site
DOMESTIC camp hunting campsite
DOMESTIC camp seasonal residence
DOMESTIC camp summer camp
DOMESTIC camp temporary
DOMESTIC camp tipi rings
DOMESTIC hotel hotel
DOMESTIC hotel inn
DOMESTIC hotel motel
DOMESTIC hotel way station
DOMESTIC institutional housing castles
DOMESTIC institutional housing estates
DOMESTIC institutional housing military quarters
DOMESTIC institutional housing orphanage
DOMESTIC institutional housing palaces
DOMESTIC institutional housing poor house
DOMESTIC institutional housing staff housing
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling apartment building
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling black settlements
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling cave
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling duplex
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling indian settlements
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling multi-family housing
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling pueblo
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling rockshelter
DOMESTIC multiple dwelling suburbs
DOMESTIC secondary structure dairy
DOMESTIC secondary structure garage
DOMESTIC secondary structure kitchen
DOMESTIC secondary structure other dependencies
DOMESTIC secondary structure smokehouse
DOMESTIC secondary structure storage pit
DOMESTIC secondary structure storage shed
DOMESTIC single dwelling cave
DOMESTIC single dwelling homestead
DOMESTIC single dwelling houses
DOMESTIC single dwelling houses of architects
DOMESTIC single dwelling houses, large & small
DOMESTIC single dwelling large houses
DOMESTIC single dwelling mansion
DOMESTIC single dwelling residence
DOMESTIC single dwelling rockshelter
DOMESTIC single dwelling rowhouse
DOMESTIC single dwelling small houses
DOMESTIC single dwelling villas
DOMESTIC village site pueblo group
EDUCATION college college
EDUCATION college junior college
EDUCATION college university
EDUCATION education-related college dormitory
EDUCATION education-related housing at boarding schools
EDUCATION library library
EDUCATION research facility laboratory
EDUCATION research facility observatory
EDUCATION research facility planetarium
EDUCATION schools academy
EDUCATION schools grammar school
EDUCATION schools school and academic
EDUCATION schools school and academic
EDUCATION schools schoolhouse
EDUCATION schools secondary school
EDUCATION schools trade or technical school
FUNERARY cemetery burial site
FUNERARY cemetery burying ground
FUNERARY cemetery cemetery
FUNERARY cemetery ossuary
FUNERARY graves/burials burial cache
FUNERARY graves/burials burial mound
FUNERARY graves/burials crematorium
FUNERARY graves/burials grave area
FUNERARY mortuary cremation
FUNERARY mortuary funeral home
FUNERARY mortuary mortuary site
GOVERNMENT capitol assembly building
GOVERNMENT capitol statehouse
GOVERNMENT city hall city hall
GOVERNMENT city hall town hall
GOVERNMENT correctional facility jail
GOVERNMENT correctional facility police station
GOVERNMENT correctional facility prison
GOVERNMENT courthouse county courthouse
GOVERNMENT courthouse Federal courthouse
GOVERNMENT custom house custom house
GOVERNMENT diplomatic building consulate
GOVERNMENT diplomatic building embassy
GOVERNMENT fire station firehouse
GOVERNMENT government office government buildings
GOVERNMENT government office government buildings
GOVERNMENT government office municipal building
GOVERNMENT post office post office
GOVERNMENT public works electric generating plant
GOVERNMENT public works sewer system
HEALTH CARE clinic dispensary
HEALTH CARE clinic doctor’s office
HEALTH CARE hospital hospitals
HEALTH CARE hospital medical research facility
HEALTH CARE hospital mental hospital
HEALTH CARE hospital private or public hospital
HEALTH CARE hospital veteran’s medical center
HEALTH CARE medical business/office doctor or dentist’s office
HEALTH CARE medical business/office medical supply store
HEALTH CARE medical business/office pharmacy
HEALTH CARE resort baths
HEALTH CARE resort resort facility
HEALTH CARE resort spas
HEALTH CARE sanitarium nursing home
HEALTH CARE sanitarium rest home
HEALTH CARE sanitarium sanitarium
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION communications facility printing plant
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION communications facility satellite tracking station
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION communications facility telegraph cable station
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION communications facility telephone company facility
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION communications facility television station
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION energy facility hydroelectric dam
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION energy facility power plant
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION extractive facility coal mine
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION extractive facility gold dredge
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION extractive facility oil derrick
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION extractive facility quarry
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION extractive facility salt mine
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION industrial storage warehouse
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION manufacturing facility factory
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION manufacturing facility mill
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION manufacturing facility pottery kiln
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION manufacturing facility processing plant
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION manufacturing facility refinery
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION processing site copper mining and processing site
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION processing site shell processing site
INDUSTRY/PROCESSING/EXTRACTION processing site toolmaking site
LANDSCAPE conservation area ecological habitat
LANDSCAPE conservation area wildlife refuge
LANDSCAPE forest forest
LANDSCAPE garden garden
LANDSCAPE natural feature island
LANDSCAPE natural feature lake
LANDSCAPE natural feature mountain
LANDSCAPE natural feature pond
LANDSCAPE natural feature promontory
LANDSCAPE natural feature river
LANDSCAPE natural feature tree
LANDSCAPE natural feature valley
LANDSCAPE park city park
LANDSCAPE park national park
LANDSCAPE park State park
LANDSCAPE parking lot parking lot
LANDSCAPE plaza green
LANDSCAPE plaza plaza
LANDSCAPE plaza public common
LANDSCAPE plaza square
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object fence
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object gazebo
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object park bench
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object shelter
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object street light
LANDSCAPE street furniture/object wall
LANDSCAPE underwater underwater site
LANDSCAPE unoccupied land desert
LANDSCAPE unoccupied land meadow
LANDSCAPE unoccupied land swamp
LANDSCAPE ducks and decorated sheds
LANDSCAPE landscapes
LANDSCAPE town and city
LANDSCAPE vernacular buildings
RECREATION AND CULTURE auditorium auditorium
RECREATION AND CULTURE fair amusement park
RECREATION AND CULTURE fair county fairground
RECREATION AND CULTURE monument/marker commemorative marker
RECREATION AND CULTURE monument/marker commemorative monument
RECREATION AND CULTURE museum art gallery
RECREATION AND CULTURE museum exhibition hall
RECREATION AND CULTURE music facility bandstand
RECREATION AND CULTURE music facility concert-hall
RECREATION AND CULTURE music facility dancehall
RECREATION AND CULTURE music facility opera house
RECREATION AND CULTURE outdoor recreation campground
RECREATION AND CULTURE outdoor recreation hiking trail
RECREATION AND CULTURE outdoor recreation park
RECREATION AND CULTURE outdoor recreation picnic area
RECREATION AND CULTURE outdoor recreation zoos
RECREATION AND CULTURE theater movie theater
RECREATION AND CULTURE theater playhouse
RECREATION AND CULTURE work of art carving
RECREATION AND CULTURE work of art mural
RECREATION AND CULTURE work of art rock art
RECREATION AND CULTURE work of art sculpture
RECREATION AND CULTURE work of art statue
RELIGION ceremonial site astronomical observation post
RELIGION ceremonial site intaglio
RELIGION ceremonial site petroglyph site
RELIGION church school religious academy or schools
RELIGION church-related residence convent
RELIGION church-related residence monasteries
RELIGION church-related residence parsonage
RELIGION church-related residence rectory
RELIGION religious facility cathedral
RELIGION religious facility church
RELIGION religious facility dance court
RELIGION religious facility kiva
RELIGION religious facility mission
RELIGION religious facility mosques
RELIGION religious facility mound
RELIGION religious facility religious architecture
RELIGION religious facility shrine
RELIGION religious facility sweathouse
RELIGION religious facility synagogue
RELIGION religious facility temple
RELIGION religious facility temple
SOCIAL civic facility of volunteer or public service organizations such as the American Red Cross
SOCIAL clubhouse facility of literary, social, or garden club
SOCIAL meeting hall communal societies
SOCIAL meeting hall grange
SOCIAL meeting hall hall of other fraternal, patriotic, or political organization
SOCIAL meeting hall Pioneer hall
SOCIAL meeting hall union hall
TRANSPORTATION air-related aircraft
TRANSPORTATION air-related airplane hangar
TRANSPORTATION air-related airport
TRANSPORTATION air-related launching site
TRANSPORTATION pedestrian-related boardwalk
TRANSPORTATION pedestrian-related trail
TRANSPORTATION pedestrian-related walkway
TRANSPORTATION rail-related locomotive
TRANSPORTATION rail-related railroad
TRANSPORTATION rail-related railroad bridge
TRANSPORTATION rail-related railroad stations
TRANSPORTATION rail-related streetcar line
TRANSPORTATION rail-related train depot
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) bridge
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) gas stations
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) highway
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) parking garage
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) parkway
TRANSPORTATION road-related (vehicular) toll gate
TRANSPORTATION water-related boat
TRANSPORTATION water-related canal
TRANSPORTATION water-related lighthouse
TRANSPORTATION water-related navigational aid
TRANSPORTATION water-related ship
TRANSPORTATION water-related Shipwreck
TRANSPORTATION water-related wharf
VACANT/NOT IN USE (use this category when property is not being used)
WORK IN PROGRESS (use this category when work is in progress)


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