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Boosters and Knockers Club, 1913

Boosters and Knockers Club
By L.C. Van Gorden

Organized, April 22, 1913. A small group of about 20 men gathered at the Hotel Albion for a luncheon and discussion of present and future projects, and organized a dinner club, which met every Tuesday at the hotel until Tuesday, June 3, 1913, when they held their first meeting at the club house, and have met there since that time.

There were no by-laws, no officers, no dues, for a number of years other than a treasurer, Homer C. Blair, who served as collector for the price of the meal and who paid the debts of the club. From the price given for the meal, a small profit has been realized which helped several worthy projects, some of which had their inception in the luncheon discussions. One community project in which they participated was the “Good Roads” campaign, assisting in the development of U.S. 12 and other roads leading in and out of Albion.

A few years ago an organization was perfected which caused the club to have officers. Officers (1931-1932): E. Floyd Hoaglin, president; George DeMund, secretary-treasurer; Dr. F.S. Goodrich, chairman of entertainment committee. Among the past presidents are found: Alvin Dice, Brockway Dickie, E.R. Loud, L.C. Van Gorden, W.S. Kennedy, Dr. AJ. McCulloch, and J. Clifford Smith.

Boosters and Knocker club photo taken on the steps of the Leisure Hour Club in 1914, on the first anniversary of the Boosters and Knockers.

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