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1948, Boys Town Choir visits Starr Commonwealth

Among the few choral groups that found their way to the Commonwealth campus, undoubtedly the youth choir of fifty voices from Boys Town, Nebraska, was the most popular. Since the troupe was to present concerts at both Battle Creek and Kalamazoo on its 1948 tour, Starr hoped to entice them to perform at Albion. Monsignor Wegner, the successor to Father Flanagan, saw differently. Because the boys were scheduled to perform so near on the Community Concerts circuit, he felt he could not grant the Commonwealth an open concert at Albion.

Instead Starr was able to arrange a visitation during the forenoon of the day before Thanksgiving. “Proud Starr lads escorted the members of Father Flanagan’s Boys Town Choir from one end of the forty-acre campus to another, matching tales of athletic prowess and student shenanigans as they strolled the winding walks.” After all the Starr boys and workers joined their guests for lunch atWebster Hall, the combined choirs led the assemblage in several familiar songs and Father Wagner made a few cordial remarks, then the visiting choristers boarded their two big buses for the short trip to Battle Creek. Afterward Uncle Floyd was heard to remark, “Well, the day didn’t go as I planned – it went better.”

Source: Keith Fennimore. FaithMade Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School. Albion, Michigan:Starr Commonwealth. 1988.