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A measuring strip as an aid in proportional drafting. 2. In architecture, harmonious relationship of parts to one another and to the human figure. 3. A proportion determining the relationship of a representation to that which it represents. 4. An oxide occurring in a scaly form on the surface of metal when brought to a high temperature. 5. A certain proportionate size, extent, or degree, usually judged in relation to some standard or point of reference. 6. A system or ordered marks laid down at known intervals and used as a standard reference in measuring.

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Isaac D. Kremer, MSARP, is an agile leader with a track record of success revitalizing downtowns in the U.S. The prior two downtowns he managed were named Great American Main Street Award Semifinalists. Isaac is a much sought after speaker, having presented at over 30 conferences. Through speaking and writing he has influenced hundreds of fellow practitioners.

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