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A room or hall much longer than its breadth. In old English practice the term seems to have conveyed two meanings: that of a place of amusement, the term probably derived from “gala” and that of a passage from room to room, commonly used to store and display family portraits, suits of armor, banners, trophies of the chase, etc. (hence the modern term for a room or store devoted to the display or sale of artworks). 2. A mezzanine supported on columns overlooking the interior space of a building. 3. The upper story above the aisle in a church, usually open onto the nave. 4. A shopping arcade. 5. A railing that protects the exterior of furniture. 6. A roofed promenade, especially one extending inside or outside along the exterior wall of a building. 6. An upper floor projecting over the main floor of a theater or hall.

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