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A cardinal number that is the sum of four and one. In architecture may refer to the five-centered arch, five-panel door, fivepenny nail, fivepenny spike. Has religious and spiritual connotations as well including the fivefold cross, five pillars of Islam, five-pointed star, and feeding of the five thousand. A fives court is a building prepared for the game of fives. The New York Five were five architects known for their predominantly white buildings. The five continents of the world is a system for recognizing five rather than six or seven continents. (Kremer, 2023)

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A nationally recognized downtown revitalization leader, downtowns Isaac managed achieved $350 million of investment, 1,300 jobs created, and were 2X Great American Main Street Award Semifinalist and a 1X GAMSA winner in 2023. His work has been featured in Newsday, NJBIZ, ROI-NJ, TapInto, and USA Today. Isaac is a Main Street America Revitalization Professional (MSARP) with additional certifications from the National Parks Service, Project for Public Spaces, and the National Development Council.

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