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A sandwich board can be the first element for your store encouraging people to come up to it and touch to develop a connection with your store. For that reason, your sandwich board needs to be in an impeccable state of repair – no rusty wheels, peeling letters. Make your sandwich board of a high quality expressive of your story and brand. Do not use plastic off the shelf products that can be seen in other places. Make your sandwich board unique just like your business is. The sandwich board helps to put a pin on the block for potential customers, drawing them along the sidewalk to your location. Make your sandwich board personalized.

Take advantage of opportunities where the sandwich board can correspond with brand colors and style of wayfinding signage, painting of building, and door and window vinyl. That way you are telling a story with all of your selling surfaces.

HAMBRGR sign from Hamilton, Cananda.

Mermaid Books has a nautical theme and draws people to the somewhat difficult to find basement entrance on the side of the building.

Lineage sandwich board in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando, Florida.

Finally, the Nourish Market sign in Cheboygan, Michigan, while a bit undersized and slightly worn, does correspond with brand colors on the building.

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