Americans Return to Main Street – Review of Main Street’s Comeback by Mary Means

Isaac Kremer/ March 2, 2022/ architecture, Main Street, preservation, program/ 0 comments

By Isaac D. Kremer To purchase: Means, Mary. Main Street’s Comeback: And How it Can Come Back Again. HammonWood Press. 2020. The story of the revival of historic downtowns across the US is inextricably tied to Mary Means. In her role as Field Director for the National Trust for Historic Preservation covering the vast Midwest region of 10 states, she

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Noah Brown of Amelia County (VA) and Metuchen (NJ)

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Portraits of Noah Brown and Lelia Anderson The origins of Noah Brown are not entirely clear, though a marriage record from 1888 gives a birthdate of 1860 in Amelia County, Virginia. Of interest in the same record is how his parents were listed as father “Johnson” and mother as “Betsy Ann Johnson.” Should this birth date be accurate, that means

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John Noble Pierson & Sons

Isaac Kremer/ October 1, 2021/ architecture, downtown, preservation/ 2 comments

John Noble Pierson (1855-1930) was an accomplished terra cotta modeler and architect. He attended the Cooper Institute, the Boston school of Art and the Boston School of Sculpture. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston was founded in 1870 and initially located on the top floor of the Boston Athenaeum. In 1876 the museum moved into a Gothic Revival building

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Observatory – Portland, Maine

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Lemuel Moody constructed the Observatory to improve communications between seafaring vessels and merchants on land. His signal tower was completed in 1807. A signal system identified vessels sailing into the harbor so merchants could prepare. Ships would hoist a flag when sailing into the harbor. Captain Moody would use a powerful achromatic refracting telescope to spot vessels and their flags

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Town of Clinton Historic District – Clinton, New Jersey

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The Red Mill, built circa 1810, over the years processed wool, grist, talc, plaster, and graphite. River water power also later generated electricity. A limestone quarry here was mined from the 1800s up until 1963. The Red Mill today is one of the indisputable historic and scenic sites in this area, though the Town of Clinton has much to offer

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Krämer Family Farm – Westphalia, Michigan

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The arrival of the Krämer family in Michigan followed a common path of immigration starting in Prussia, crossing the ocean, traversing the Erie Canal, and settling in Buffalo. From there families moved westward in search of land and opportunity. Michael Krämer preceded his father to the United States in 1851 and settled first in Buffalo. He married Angela Schweick in

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Fairmount Park, Section 2 – Metuchen, New Jersey

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Earlier we recounted the development of Fairmount Park and the key people involved in real estate development in Metuchen, New Jersey, in the early 20th century. Then we gave a tour of the neighborhood looking at the Robinvale neighborhood anchored by a depot that Wright Robins had built for $25,000 to provide better access to this section. Finally, we shared

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Robins Park – Metuchen, New Jersey

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Earlier we wrote about Wright Robins, the train station he built near Grove Avenue and Henry Street, and his role in the development of the Robinvale neighborhood of Metuchen between Grove Avenue, Woodbridge Avenue, and Jonesdale Avenue. Wright Robins owned the primary house south of Woodbridge Avenue. David Trumbull Marshall around 1930 recounted and remembered Robins and his estate nearly

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