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303-307 S. Superior, Crowell Block, c.1858

Block +
US Census Block # 34-309

Style +
Commercial Italianate

Historic Designation +
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985
National Register Listed, August 18, 1997

Three-story building marked by pediment window hoods with moldings. The second and third floor windows are considerably shorter than those of 303 to 307, and represent a remodeling, as does the poly-chromatic brick. These windows are two-over-two and are set on plain stone sills, capped by projecting pediments matching 303-305. The storefront for 307 is linked to 309 by awning and signage.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

Source: James B. Field, Souvenir of the City of Albion, 1894.

Photo from June 1999 before the southern third of the building was painted a color consistent with the rest of the building. The right third of the building was butchered in the name of design, possibly with the desire to attract more people downtown. The windows were shortened and bricks painted a light purple, with some individual bricks painted white and black. Whether this had the desired effect is uncertain. Seeing this building drawn back together through consistent color is welcome. Now only if we could find a use for the second and third floors of this building named after Jesse “Albion’s Greatest Benefactor” Crowell…

Source: Isaac Kremer, December 2003.

Crowell Block in the distance to the right, looking better than it has in a very long time…

Source: Isaac Kremer, August 2019.

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