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200 West Center St, Masonic Temple, 1913

Commercial Building




The Masonic Temple building is two-stories above a raised basement level. The building is of brick with unadorned, flat arch window openings. A belt course of soldiered bricks runs between the raised basement and the main floor, which is accessed by exterior recessed stairs. The roof is gable on hip and is perpendicular in orientation to the entrance. Basement offices have an exterior entrance accessed by stairs leading below the sidewalk level.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

The Masonic Temple was built in 1913 as the Eagle Temple. The Eagles sold it to the Masons in 1925. The Masonic temple is now CLOSED. The little signs, and the masonic emblem cornermarker has been removed.

Source: Frank Passic, March 2004.

Rounded arch entrance way and keystone.

Mason’s cornerstone and signs, since removed.

Historic street lamp outside of building.

Source: Isaac David Kremer, 2000.

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