Storefront – Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea

Bike rack with the clever slogan “Always Lock or Take a Walk!” Placement of this rack on the street makes a direct connection with bike culture and coffee.
Cash wrap and coffee station – both simple and uncluttered. Neutral pallet with natural finishes (wood) and plants give a calming feel.
Butcher paper menus give the flexibility to change seasonally. Hand written gives a human touch.
Bicycle theme is continued inside with the bike mounted on the wall.
Seating is in bench style along the perimeter of the main retail space. This leaves a large area in the center for service.
A quieter study room to the rear.
Back outside this tree well has a bench that may adapt over time as the tree grows.
Coffee cup with stamp of icon for Thom Bargen. Communication with a strong visual and the absence of printed text is refreshing.