Storefront – SoCo Creamery, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

What we loved

Nice use of brand colors as accent against a neutral palette.
Fixtures carry brand colors and font, impulse buys while in line.
Branded apparel reinforce love affair with brand. Handsome natural wood fixtures that are well lit.
Brand voice extends to the bathroom too.
Elegant poster hanging system with thumb tacks and strips to make rows level at top.
Notice and process that helps business curate postings that go up.
Static and digital in store displays educate about brand.
Impulse buys on counter.
Suggestion box enlists customer into designing the in store experience.
Only sqft not SOCO branded. Note how makes info about franchising available above.
Commercial grade track light though a few need to be refocused.
Obstruction put to use as bistro table… smart!
A few flavors up front with more in the back cooler. Choice without being overwhelming.
Branded door mat greets guest in decompression zone.
Toppings well displayed and easily accessible for staff.
Cluttered cash wrap.
Capturing customer info.
Freezer by cash wrap for last minute impulse purchases.
One last brand element
Telling the story.