Storefront – Kilwins, Petoskey, Michigan

Kilwins has a corporate headquarters and showroom just outside of downtown Petoskey, Michigan. As we passed through the area thought we’d take a look in the store. And while the “Free Chocolate Tours” were not offered until several hours later, we did enjoy taking a peek inside.

A circular feature table greets people at the entrance. To the left is the fudge counter, to the right the ice cream, and other chocolate and displays placed throughout the store.


These tiered carts on rollers provide an interesting way to present the product. They can also be rolled away. The finish on the floor gives a frothy root beer float color and texture to the space.

Perhaps most amazing of anything were these several foot high Easter and Christmas molds. Ranging from $500-$600+ they are the perfect gift for anyone for whom cost, or cavities, or cholesterol are not a problem. Though pretty cool that they make these here.