Storefront – bec, New York City, New York

bec for bacon, egg, and cheese is a small storefront in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. A clear design strategy is evident with use of reclaimed materials in an older storefront that has been sensitively adapted and reused. This creates a warm, welcoming, and joyful place to connect with their brand and product.


Reclaimed boardwalk used as fascia board across the whole front. Engraved sign draws the attention to the main entrance by centering overhead.


Retractable window wall allows for a connection between street and store when weather allows.


Engraved sign board and painted lettering.


Cash wrap with illuminated clear bottles, draws people in from the door and creates a sense of connection with the brand.


Hours and contact info consolidated on bottom of door leaving upper section clean and transparent.


Hand lettering on side wall with key messages about business and their products. Clean and simple condiment and coffee station.


Cash wrap with beverage service. Front of house can be managed with one staff member providing quick service.


Reclaimed materials create a sense of comfort and welcoming feeling for customers.


Reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk used for seating and also fascia board for sign across the front.


Hand stamping bags with custom stamp provides a personalized experience for each customer while strengthening connection with the brand. Also potentially saves money over custom printed products.