Public Art – Points of View, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This bronze by James. A West and completed in 2006 depicts a meeting in October 1770 between George Washington and Senaca leader Guyasuta. These two historic figures first met in 1753, when Guyasuta guided Washington up the Allegheny River to deliver a message to the French at Fort LeBoeuf requesting they leave the region so that the British could prevail here and trade with the area’s indigenous people. The attempt failed, the French remained, and the French & Indian War erupted soon after, in 1754.

First allies, then on opposing sides in that war, these two veterans met again 17 years later down the Ohio River and sat overnight at a council fire. They revisited their past and debated the future of this highly-prized region. Though they held very different ideas about the fate of this area, they parted on friendly terms. Called “Points of View,” this work by local sculptor James A. West captures a moment in time between two formidable men whose actions had a huge impact on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the country that would become the United States of America.

This statue marks the westernmost end of the Grand View Scenic Byway, an official Pennsylvania Scenic Byway. The sculpture was dedicated on October 25, 2006 by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Warren Skye (Hoin Ja Gwa Gohn), along with District 2 Councilman Daniel Deasy, period reenactors, the sculptor, the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation, Pittsburgh Department of Public Works and Engineering, local residents, and members of the Seneca Nation.