Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Offshore Club

Wyandotte, Michigan
1854 Wyandotte Village   |   Ford City   |   Glenwood & Mt. Carmel   |   South Wyandotte

Q. Offshore Club, Italianate, Built 1895
Once the Offshore Club, the building was likely constructed between 1910-1915 when the shipyard across the street began to take off. In 1929 the Wyandotte Cocktail Lounge opened here. An active player in the Prohibition era, when it was notorious for its back room gambling and after hours blind pigs. In 1955 the building was expanded to 10,000 square feet and housed three separate businesses before returning to use as a lounge in 1963.

In the 1990s the club was remodeled to offer a 1930s era, Chicago-style ambiance. The redesigned Art Deco interior has hardwood floors, mahogany wood, and colored glass fixtures.