Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Tocco House

Wyandotte, Michigan
1854 Wyandotte Village   |   Ford City   |   Glenwood & Mt. Carmel   |   South Wyandotte

R. Tocco House, Felice 238, 1932 fire associated with Prohibition
Directly connected with gangland warfare during the Prohibition era, Tocco was the main Wyandotte gang kingpin connected with the illegal liquor trade. The house experienced a major fire in 1932, and the residents escaped death by not being there, but 3 years later on May 16, 1935, the owner was killed in a gangland shooting at 275 Antoine.

Distinguishing architectural features on the exterior are a wrought iron fence hung between brick piers with caps that have an egg and dart molding. The entrance and front porch of the house have concrete rails molded to appear like simulated wood. A central tower has a round arched entrance on the first floor with carved stone surround.

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  1. I just bought this home restored like original if you are in the area I would be happy to give you a tour!!

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